Testimony of a Former Drug Addict

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Many people struggle to break bad habits such as alcoholism, smoking, anger, lust and additions. But no matter how hard they try, their problems still persists. Some come to the end of the rope and believe that there is nothing they can do to break their bad habits. What they fail to realize is that behavior modification will never break a bad habit. The answer is to be transformed from within as the following story demonstrates.

By 1972, Ronny Reagan’s life was broken and hopeless. He was a drug addict and a criminal. He could not keep a job for long and his mental state was terrible. His children were afraid of him and his wife had filed for a divorce. That was the kind of man Ronny was when he took his six-year old son to a store to buy some things.

The Fight

On the way in, Ronny met a man who was coming out of the store. An argument erupted and before he knew it, he hit the man and knocked him down. The man fell into a pile of bottles some of which broke. The man grabbed one of the broken bottles and leaped to his feet. He began to stab Ronny with it. Ronny lifted his left arm to shield his face but the broken bottle severed his biceps and the major arteries in his arm. He began to bleed profusely but since he was full of anger, hatred and rage, he kept on fighting. His little son was screaming; he was hysterical.

The store owner told Ronny that if he did not get medical attention at once, he would bleed to death. He put Ronny in his car (Ronny’s) and took him to hospital. By the time they got to the emergency room, Ronny was barely conscious. As the medical staff worked on him, he heard them say they could not help him and he had to be taken to another hospital. They also said that his arm would probably be amputated.

Near-Death Experience

By then, his wife had arrived and she accompanied him in the ambulance to the next hospital. But before the ambulance pulled out of the parking lot, a young paramedic looked down into Ronny’s face and told him he needed Jesus. Ronny did not know Jesus or what the man was talking about. He cursed him. The man told him once again he needed Jesus.

As the man was talking to him, it appeared as if the ambulance literally burst into flames and was filled with smoke. Ronny found himself moving through that smoke down a tunnel. When he came out of the dark and smoky tunnel, he heard the voices of many people who were screaming, groaning and crying. He saw the people were burning in a place full of fire and smoke. Although they were burning, they were not being consumed by the fire. Ronny himself began falling into the burning furnace.

Ronny recognized many of the people who were burning in hell. They were in lots of agony, pain and frustration. Some of the people he recognized called him by his name and warned him not to join them down there because there was no way out once he got there. He would not be able to escape and would remain there forever.

He saw a man who had died in a botched robbery; he had been shot to death. He also saw two men who had died drunk in an automobile accident. He saw others who had died of drug overdose. They were in great pain and agony. They were utterly lonely and depressed because they had no hope of ever getting out of hell. They would be there for eternity. The place also smelled horrible and the stench was terrible.

Ronny was a fearless man. His father, who was an alcoholic and had anger problems, beat him mercilessly as a child. He had seen people killed. He had also been involved in fights where people were killed. He had served time in prison for manslaughter. But when he looked down at the people who were being tormented in hell, that scared him to death. Then all of a sudden, Ronny faded into thick darkness.

When Ronny opened his eyes, he found himself in a hospital room in Knoxville, Tennessee. His wife was sitting beside his bed. The doctors had finished working on him. His left arm had not been amputated. He had almost 100 stitches on his body. All he could remember was what he had seen in hell. He told his wife that he had just come back from hell. He could still hear the screams and smell that terrible smell of hell. He could still feel the heat of hell and hear the voices of people he had known telling him to go back.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Ronny could not forget what he had seen in hell out of his mind. He tried to get drunk but all in vain. He tried drugs but to no avail. He tried everything that he could but he still could not get what he had seen in hell out of his mind.

His Wife’s Conversion

One evening, several months later, Ronny walked home and found his wife reading the Bible. He saw her face was literally shinning. She told him she had that night accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior. Ronny was surprised because his wife grew up in Chicago where her father was a bartender. She knew nothing about God, church or religion.

The pain he had given her over the years, from his abuse, violence, alcoholism and drug addiction, was plain to see on her face. Sometimes, he would be gone for months and she and the kids would have no idea where he was.  But now her face had changed. The wrinkles were literally gone and a smile had replaced the sorrow and agony that had been on her face.

Ronny’s wife invited him to accompany her to the church to hear about Jesus. Ronny thought that since he had tried everything else but in vain, there was nothing to lose by going to church with his wife. Although he agreed to go with her, he knew nothing about the Bible.

Two weeks later on 2 November 1972, Ronny accompanied his wife to church and sat at the back of the building. The pastor stood up and read from the Gospel of John, “Behold, the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.” When he said “the lamb’ Ronny paid close attention to what he was reading.

The Connection

The word “lamb” caught Ronny’s attention because when he was nine years old, a neighbor had given him a baby lamb. That lamb became the only friend he had. It would follow him everywhere and it would even meet him when he got off the school bus. It would walk through the woods and fields to meet him.

When Ronny got home one evening, his lamb was missing. He heard his father cursing and screaming as he was changing a flat tire. Ronny tried to walk around him because he did not want to be cursed. His father had problems with anger, abuse and alcohol. But when Ronny got on the other side of the car, he looked down and saw his lamb laying there with blood all over its white wool. There was a tire rod sticking in its body. It was dead.

The curious lamb had got into his father’s way and in a drunken fit of anger, he had plunged the tire rod through the lamb. When Ronny saw his dead lamb, he ran into the woods screaming that his father had killed his lamb.

From then onwards, Ronny was never the same again. Hatred and violence took hold of his life. When he was 12 years old, he ran away from home. He was arrested many times and he spent the rest of his teen years in the Juvenile system.

He had no respect for authority and he hated anyone who had authority over him. By the time he was 15 years old, he had been in jail for stealing and he was also convicted of manslaughter. The car he drove was involved in an accident that killed some of his friends and crippled others.

His Conversion

Back in the church, the pastor went on to say that Jesus Christ was the lamb of God and he had died and shed his blood so that whosoever believes in him may be forgiven and start a new life. When the pastor gave an altar call, Ronny stood up to leave the building because he did not want anybody to see him crying. He had not cried since he was nine years old.

Instead of leaving the building, Ronny found himself walking down the aisle toward the front of that building. Ronny did not know how to pray the sinner’s prayer. He just prayed a simple prayer that if God exists and Jesus is the Lamb of God, he should either kill him or cure him of his bad habits and addictions. He did not want to continue living the way he was as he was not a good husband or father. He was no good at all.

After he finished praying, he felt the darkness and the blackness leave his life. Tears began to flow down his cheeks. This was the first time he had cried since he was nine years old. Guilt, violence, anger and hatred left his life. And Jesus Christ became his Lord and savior. God healed his mind and memory. His drug addiction and alcoholism instantaneously disappeared and he was completely delivered.

Ever since he was saved, Ronny has been telling people about the love of God who sent his only beloved son to save mankind from their sins and to give them the precious gift of eternal life. His heart’s passion for winning the lost is evidenced by the many people who are saved in his revival and crusade meetings he has held all over the world.

You too can be delivered from whatever has bound you. Self-help schemes and human effort does not work at all. They may seem to work for a while but the problem comes back. Only Jesus Christ can set you free from your bondage because God’s supernatural power is needed to break whatever is holding you captive. Why should you continue to live that hopeless and depressing life when there is a way out? Just try Jesus, as Ronny did, and the rest will be history.

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