A Recent Testimony of Heaven and Hell

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Linda was a 26-years old woman from Sierra Leone who died on 15 February 2013. She was dead for 5 hours before she came back. She had a very harrowing experience for those 5 hours which changed her life forever. After that experience, her life was never the same again. She has been traveling all over the world giving her testimony which some people take seriously while others dismiss it as false. The following is her story and it is up to you to decide what to do with it.

Her Sinful Life

Linda was born in 1987 and she was the second born in a family of four, three girls and one boy. Her father died in 1997 when she was 10 years old while her mother died in the year 2001. Since her relatives would not help them, Linda became promiscuous at an early age in order to support herself. She started dating men, married and single, and soliciting money from them.

She went after the rich men and she did whatever it took to seduce them. She would dress scantily exposing her nudity. She would wear micro-miniskirts, tops and blouses that would expose her breasts. She would also paint her lips, eyelids and use all sorts of attractive hairstyles in order to attract classy men. She always wanted to wear the latest fashion and other stuff like chains, fake eyelashes, trousers and fake nails. She also loved partying, smoking cigarettes and bhang, drinking alcohol and fornication. She also committed abortion and other perversity.

What is interesting is that in spite of her decadent lifestyle, Linda attended church regularly. When she went to church, she would dress in the same seductive manner because she was after men wherever she could find them. It did not bother her at all because her church was not preaching against what she was doing.

The Funeral

That was her lifestyle until she attended the funeral of a male friend of hers on 13 February 2013. The pastor said so many nice things about the dead man like that he was a good member of the church and a good tither. The way he talked would have made everyone think that the dead man was already in heaven. But he was not; Linda later saw him in hell.

While the funeral service was going on, she started hearing a strange voice in her head telling her that she would be the next to die. Her heart began racing fast and she went outside. When her sister, Finda, came out of the church, Linda told her about the strange voice that had told her she would be the next to die. Linda asked her sister, who was already a born-again Christian, to pray for her.

But things did not get better. When they got home, she kept hearing that voice every now and then telling her that she would be the next to die. On the following day (14 February), which was Valentine’s Day, a friend invited her to go and spend the day in her house. She went thinking that if she had some fun as usual, she would stop hearing that tormenting voice that was telling her she would be the next to die. She told her friend about the tormenting voice and the friend advised her to drown out the voice with alcohol. But she did not enjoy at all because the same voice kept tormenting her. She left and went home.

Linda asked her sister to pray for her, which she did, but the torment did not stop. She went to bed still tormented. At about 6:00 am on 15 February, Linda felt something strange was happening to her body. She panicked and called out to her sister who rushed to her room. Linda told her to pray for her as she was dying. Finda asked her to come down from the bed but as she tried to do it, she fell down on the floor and she was unable to stand.

Finda shouted at her younger brother to bring some water. By that time, Linda was sweating and feeling pain all over her body. Finda also called two of Linda’s male friends and when they arrived, she asked them to pray for Linda. Unfortunately, they did not know how to pray as they were not Christians.

Then Linda saw dreadful demons and she knew they had come for her. When she told Finda about them, Finda cried out to God to have mercy on Linda. Finda tried to lead her to Christ but Linda’s tongue was very heavy and she was unable to say the sinner’s prayer. Then all of a sudden, Linda took her last breath and she died in the arms of her sister and in the presence of her brother and her two male friends.


All of a sudden, Linda found herself walking on a broad road. There were countless people from all races also walking along the road. They were all walking in one direction. Linda was wondering where she was and who those other people were and where they were going. She could not stop walking as she felt there was an invisible force that kept pushing her forward.

After she had walked for some distance, she started hearing fearful cries of people begging for mercy. She wanted to turn and go back but she could not. No one could even stop walking. Then she came to the entrance of hell. It was pitch dark and very fearful. It had evil and wicked decorations. She then saw tall, huge and muscular demons with all kinds of weapons approaching them. Linda trembled with fear.

One of the demons plunged its claws into Linda’s body and dragged her inside. She felt a sharp, piercing pain that made her scream and beg for mercy. But the demon ignored her cries and did not even look at her. The darkness in hell could be felt; she could not see a thing. The smell was horrible and the heat made her feel as if her fresh was melting.

The demon threw Linda in a cell. She was trembling with fear. She was hearing nerve-wrecking screams from other people in hell. The demons that approached her were laughing. They were carrying their fearful weapons of torture. She begged for mercy but none was shown to her. One demon told Linda that she was dead and would be in hell forever. They were going to torture her for her disobedience to God for all the sins she had committed while alive on earth.


She was tortured on every part of her body according to the sins committed by that particular member of her body. They told her the torment would start with her head. Linda was confused as she did not understand how her head had sinned against God. The demon told her the sins she had committed using her head included dyeing her hair, wearing wigs, fake hair and makeup.

The demon used a red-hot iron to torment her by plunging it into her head from different angles. Linda cried out as the pain was unbearable. Her head was being smashed up and her brain was falling down but coming back to its original form every now and then. She longed for death but all in vain.

The demon next turned to her face. It accused her of polluting herself by putting on make-up and tattoos.  The demon used a red-hot iron to remove the tattoos from her body. She screamed in pain and begged for mercy to no avail. The demon just laughed and seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on her. After they were removed, the tattoos would come back again and the process went on and on for a very long time.

Next it was the turn for her mouth to be tortured. She was told she had used her mouth to drink alcohol, smoke and curse. The demon gave her a bottle filled with some liquid and told her to drink. She did not know it but it was raw acid. When she drank it, it burnt her mouth and throat. The pain made her to throw down the bottle.

When she stopped drinking from the bottle, her mouth and throat would go back to normal but the demon kept forcing her to drink again and again. Linda felt excruciating pain; she wanted to die but she could not.

The demons next suspended her body in the air and began inflicting unbearable pain to her private parts. They reminded her of all the sins she had committed using her private parts such as fornication, sexual immorality and abortions. The demon inserted a spear into her private parts which they kept pushing in and out until her internal organs fell out. When the spear was removed, her internal organs would go back to their places and then the demon would start the process all over again.

Finally, the demons threw her into a big pool of fire where there were millions of people who were crying out and begging for mercy. Some very huge worms in the fire bit her all over her body. Their bites were like the bite of a dog. Instead of being repentant, Linda cursed God for allowing what she was going through to happen to her.


All of a sudden, Linda felt herself being taken out of the pit of fire. She thought she was being taken to another place for more torture. But when she came out of the pit of fire, she found herself standing before a man who was wearing bright shining white garments. The man started leading her out of hell.

Linda was wondering how the man knew the way out of hell. The man said nothing to her. Then they ascended into the heavens as if there was an invisible force that was lifting them heavenwards. They reached a big, beautiful gate. The beauty of the gate made Linda forget the suffering she had gone through in hell.

Two angels approached her and touched her body. It was immediately transformed into a glorious body. Then the gate opened wide. Suddenly, a very bright light almost blinded her and she could not keep her eyes open. She then heard a mighty voice welcoming her to heaven. The ground shook and she found herself on her knees.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a man wearing golden sandals and a brilliant light was emanating from his face. It was brighter than the sun in all its brilliance. The man was very glorious and handsome. She also noticed that he had holes in his hands. The man introduced himself as Jesus Christ, the son of God who had died and risen from the dead.

Jesus raised Linda from the ground. When he touched her, her whole body became cold as if it had been placed in a freezer. It was a coolness than she had never felt before in her life. All the torture and pain that had been inflicted on her in hell disappeared. A great peace came upon her. Linda cried when she remembered how sinful she had been and yet Jesus had shown her mercy and love. She knew she did not deserve it.

Tour of Heaven

Jesus took her on a tour of heaven and she saw streets of gold, beautiful mansions, beautiful flowers, sweet breeze, and the joy and peace in heaven. They came to a section of heaven where there were many beautiful mansions. Jesus told her those mansions belonged to Christians who had died and gone to hell. They had initially believed in Jesus but they later backslid and died before they could repent.

They walked to another section of heaven where there were many beautiful mansions. Jesus told her those mansions belonged to his people who were still on earth and were evangelizing and winning souls. They were not selfish and they used their own money and time to evangelize and win the lost. They were not in the ministry to make money but to preach and win the lost. On the other hand, there were many in the ministry who were driven by their selfish ambitions and greed for materialism. Those ones would not enter heaven unless they repented of their sins.

Linda also saw Mary, the mother of Jesus, taking care of children who had been aborted on earth. There were very many happy children around her. Jesus told her that some people think Mary is interceding for them in heaven but that is not true. Mary should not be worshiped.

Second Trip to Hell

Jesus took Linda on a trip to visit hell. When they entered hell, she could see what was happening there because Jesus’ light shone all over the place. She was able to see some of the people who were being tormented in hell.

One of the people she saw in hell was Muammar Gaddafi, the former president of Libya who was killed in October 2011. Gaddafi told her to go back and tell his Libyan people to believe in Jesus and to worship him only. He also wanted the mosques he had built to be destroyed or turned into churches to lessen the punishment he was going through. This is because as long as people were using them, the demons increased his torture. He also begged Jesus to have mercy on him but Jesus told him it was too late and there was nothing he could do for him.

Linda also saw a former president of Guinea in hell. He also sent her back to Guinea to warn his people to turn to Jesus and believe and trust in him so that they would not go to hell when they died. He did not want anyone to go to hell.

Linda also saw a former prominent politician from Sierra Leone in Hell. He had also been a member of a religious cult. When he saw her, he told her to go back and warn those people to get out of that cult and start worshiping Jesus only.

Linda also saw a famous pastor from Sierra Leone who had died in October 2009. Before he died, the pastor had claimed that he would rise from the dead after three days. When he died, his followers refused to bury his body expecting him to come back from the dead. But he failed to keep his promise; he did not rise from the dead. His body was finally buried after it had been in the mortuary for a month. The dead pastor sent her back to tell his congregation that he had been using demonic powers to perform signs, wonders and miracles. He also wanted them to be delivered and to destroy his church building as he had built it using Satanic money.

Linda also saw a very famous American singer in hell. She had died in February 2012. The singer told Linda to go and tell her mother to be taking the dead singer’s only daughter to church as she did not want her daughter to go to hell. She also wanted all the money she had left behind to be used to support God’s work. She begged Jesus to have mercy on her and let her go back to the world to warn people that Jesus was real. Jesus told her it was too late and there was nothing he could do about it.

Linda was heartbroken to see her father, mother and grandmother in hell. Her mother was crying as she told Linda to go and warn her siblings so that they would not end up in hell. Linda also saw a young boy of about 5 or 6 years old in hell because he was involved in witchcraft. Linda was shocked because she never thought such young children could go to hell.

Linda also saw a Christian woman from Thailand in hell. Although the woman had been a believer in Jesus Christ, she had married a Muslim who made her backslide. She told Linda to go and warn her daughter to believe in Jesus and to worship him only. She gave Linda the address of her home in Thailand.

The Lord’s Message

When Jesus told Linda that he was going to send her back to earth, she told him she did not want to go back there. Jesus was displeased and told her that she did not deserve to be in heaven in the first place. She agreed to be sent back to earth to deliver the Lord’s message.

Jesus told her to go back and warn people, married and unmarried, who were involved in sexual immorality to stop it and repent before it was too late. That included fornication and adultery between married and unmarried people. If they refused to repent, then their lot would be in hell when they died.

Jesus also gave her a message for the church. He lamented that his church was defiled by sin and most of the pastors were responsible for it. Jesus stretched his hand and a big white TV screen appeared. She saw pastors of many different races and nationalities preaching. Some were pastors of mega churches while others pastored churches of all sizes. Jesus told her that most of the pastors were not warning the people about the consequences of their sins.

Jesus was also distressed by the way people were dressed in churches. Some went to church scantily dressed exposing their nakedness and yet the pastors were not warning them that was ungodly. He also told her that most of the people in the church were engaged in sexual immorality. Men and women, including pastors and other church leaders, were committing indecent acts with each other and that had defiled the church.

Jesus also told her to warn Christians to stop adorning themselves with the devil’s property, otherwise they would not enter God’s kingdom. Many in the church were bleaching their skin color to make it look lighter. By so doing, they were openly declaring that they were unhappy with the skin color that God had given them.

She was also told to warn women who dressed like men by wearing trousers (pants) and men who dressed like women. They should stop it or they would not enter heaven. Jesus also told her to warn people who were wearing fake hair, dyed hair, wigs, perms, lipstick, cutex, perfumes, cosmetics, necklaces, rings, fake eyelashes, earrings, golden teeth, tattoos and false fingernails to stop it otherwise they will not go to heaven.

Jesus also sent Linda to warn people from other denominations, sects, cults and religion that they were not worshiping him and they needed to repent and turn to the only true living God. Finally, Jesus told Linda to go back and warn the church that he is coming back sooner than they expect. Jesus told her that if the rapture had taken place then, only 5 people in the entire country of Sierra Leone would have been raptured. Jesus said that the church in Sierra Leone was defiled because the preachers were not preaching his gospel.

Linda’s revelations went viral. Many people in Sierra Leone and elsewhere have dismissed Linda’s revelation as being false. In Sierra Leone, people were greatly incensed by her statement that only three churches in the whole country were preaching the true gospel. In response many churches have called her a blasphemer who wants to cause divisions in the church. Linda was also threatened with death and she had to remain in hiding to protect her life. In 1914, Linda married Pastor Rika of Nigeria and they have been using his Holiness Revival Movement Worldwide to spread her message all over the world by all mean possible.


God had mercy on Linda as he gave her a second chance. It is very rare for a person to be given a second chance to come back after they die. You should, therefore, not think that such mercy will be shown to you after you die. Also remember that many people die suddenly and they do not have an opportunity to repent before they die.

It is very unwise to think that one will wait until the last moment to repent or be saved on their death-bed. That opportunity may never come because one may die at any moment without any warning. Do not wait for that which might never come. If you die without God’s forgiveness for your sins, your destination will be hell forever.

You should not take chances with your eternity. Why take a risk on the most important thing in this world? It costs you practically nothing to ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins and save you. Today is the day of salvation and not tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. That might be too late.

The time for salvation is right now, not later. Just pray a simple prayer and ask God to forgive your sins and he will forgive you at once as he has forgiven millions of people. When God forgives your sins, he also gives you his free gift of everlasting life. That means that when you die you will go to heaven and spend your eternity with God there.

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