Confessions of a Former Devil-Worshiper

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Devil-worship or Satanism comes in various forms and it varies from place to place and culture to culture. It takes the form of witchcraft, white magic, black magic, channeling, cults, false religions, shamanism, voodoo, astrology, divination, spiritism, hypnotism, clairvoyance and New Age movement.

In the early 1990s, there were widespread claims and reports that devil-worship was rampant in Kenya. In response, the president appointed “The Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the cult of Devil Worship in Kenya” to investigate the matter. It was chaired by Archbishop Nicodemus Kirima of Nyeri.

Although the commission presented its report to President Moi in July 1995, it was not made public on the grounds that it contained sensitive information with legal implications. In 1999, the report was released to the Kenyan Parliament and thereafter, it was leaked to the press..

The commission had established that devil-worship existed in the learning institutions and the society. It recommended the setting up of a special police unit to investigate crimes of the occult such as ritual murder, human sacrifice and cannibalism. The government did not implement the recommendations.

Devil-worship continued to thrive in Kenya as revealed by Isaac who spent seven years serving the devil before he was delivered in August 2009. This article does not delve into the gory and disgusting details of the rituals he was involved in. Instead, it highlights the secrets of how Satan wages war against Christians and how they should protect themselves against his attacks.

How Isaac was Recruited
Isaac was born in 1985 in Kitale town. His parents later relocated to Nyahururu town where he went to school. In 2000, he dropped from school when he was in Form 2 (Grade 10).

Thereafter, a female teacher from the school found him a job with a Kitale businessman who was also a church elder. It was that businessman who introduced Isaac to devil-worship against his will.

When Isaac refused to join the cult, they tried to kill him twice. One morning, as he was riding a bicycle taxi to work, they were knocked down by a truck. The taxi driver died on the spot while Isaac sustained three broken ribs and a broken leg. He was taken to hospital where he spent some time until he was healed.

A few days after he was discharged from hospital, he was knocked down by a car. Both his legs and three ribs were broken. The ribs also pierced his lungs. He was rushed to hospital where he spent 6 months in a coma. He eventually recovered.

Thereafter, Isaac reluctantly joined the cult and went through the initiation process. He was locked up in a room for 40 days without eating or drinking anything. When he came out, he was a different person; he hated Christians and his parents.

Thereafter, he fasted for another 30 days so that he could be given more powers. Then he was baptized. When Isaac later needed more powers, he fasted for 72 days without eating anything; he only drank a glass of blood each morning. This gave him access to Lucifer (Satan) himself who gave him more powers.

His Mission
Isaac’s mission was to destroy churches and their pastors. He was given a briefcase full of money to cater for his expenses when he was on his mission. He was also given some people to assist him in his work.

Isaac had the ability to read people’s mind and know their weaknesses and capitalize on them.
For example, on his first mission to destroy a church in Kitale, he learned that the pastor’s weakness was greed for money. Isaac offered him 2.8 million shillings ($35,000) which he accepted. The pastor agreed to stop preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He could preach on anything else except that.

The pastor was given 800,000 shillings ($10,000) upfront and the rest would be given when they were satisfied he had kept his promise. This opened the door for Satan to destroy the church. In the final analysis, that church was completely destroyed and the building was turned into a bar.

In the case of pastors who lusted for power to perform miracles, he would give them rings to wear on their hands. When such pastors lay their hands on people, they appear to be slain by the Holy Spirit. When they pray for healing, people appear to be healed but the sickness comes back later. Such pastors preach about other things; salvation is never preached.

In return, each pastor would promise to give them two children in August and four in December every year for their sacrifices. The cult did not care where the children came from; all they wanted was for the pastors to keep their promises at the appointed time. If a pastor broke his promise, he was killed.

Within 7 years, Isaac had destroyed 11 churches in Kitale, 7 in Thika, 4 in Nyahururu, 3 in Nairobi, and 1 in Eldoret. He also revealed that Kitale toppled the list of towns under Satanic domination and oppression, followed by Nyahururu, Naivasha and Nakuru in that order.

He also revealed that there were 3 devil-worshiper churches in Kitale, 3 in Nyahururu, 1 in Eldoret, 5 in Thika, 3 in Nairobi and 4 in Nakuru. Nakuru was the headquarters of their cult and that is why many people there died in road accidents and in mysterious circumstances.

Other Revelations
Isaac revealed that the keshas (all night prayer vigils) held on Fridays are very effective against the kingdom of Satan. The cult normally sacrifices people on Friday night and if there happens to be some Christians praying for the release of the captives, the bonds supernaturally come off and the captives escape. The devil-worshipers are immobilized and powerless to stop them from escaping.

Isaac also revealed that Satan cannot get through to a Christian unless the believer allows him. One way that Christians give the devil access to their lives is by not living holy lives. Secondly, the devil considers those who do not tithe as thieves and this opens the door for him to attack them. Thirdly, those who do not plead the blood of Jesus for protection are exposed to demonic attacks. Lastly, people who hardly pray are unable to resist the attacks of the devil.

Isaac also revealed that many of the road accidents that occur during certain times of the year are deliberately caused by Satan and his agents. Isaac and his cohorts would also use their powers to break up marriages, especially Christian ones. They would also use poverty as an avenue to get into people’s lives and control them by giving them money.

He also wanted Christians to be aware that there are many things that are made in the demonic factories under the sea such as watches, belts and clothes which are sold everywhere. As such, people should cleanse everything they buy with the blood of Jesus since they do not know where such items were made. Otherwise, Christians open themselves up to demonic attacks.

Christians should also be very careful not to have some things in their houses because if they are demonic, they pave the way for demonic attacks. Such things include pictures, artifacts, calendars and Bibles. For example, one should leave an abandoned Bible alone as it might have been left behind intentionally by a devil-worshiper.

Road to Salvation
According to Isaac, the devil-worshipers do not believe that there is a hell. They also believe that Satan was kicked out of heaven because others were jealous of the powers that he had. They also believe that Satan will in the end regain his former powerful position as the true god.

In the course of his work, Isaac had realized that Jesus was more powerful that Satan because Satan would not allow anyone to mention his name in his presence. Devil-worshipers refer to Jesus as the Very One. Isaac regrets the day he asked Satan why he feared the Very One. The slap he received from the devil left him unconscious for six days.

Isaac also revealed that although he was being given a lot of money and other things, he had no opportunity to enjoy life. For example, he had been forbidden to never have a girlfriend or any dealings with women. Life was dull and he rarely smiled or laughed.

Isaac’s last mission was to destroy a certain church in Nairobi. Instead of going to Nairobi, he went to Nyahururu to visit his family. While he was there, he listened to a sermon on the radio. After the sermon, he called the radio station and asked whether it was possible for him to be saved and delivered. He was told it was possible.

That same night, he was captured by some cult members and taken to a house in Nairobi. He was bound with chains and laid on a table in readiness to be sacrificed for betraying them. There were 14 men present. When the high priest raised his knife, Isaac closed his eyes and waited to die. But nothing happened.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the men trembling with fear while the high priest seemed unable to bring the knife down and kill him. Then a brilliant light shone in the room and all fell down. Isaac’s chains fell off and he escaped. The men were powerless to stop him. God miraculously saved him because some Christians had been praying for him.

When he got back to Nyahururu, he attended a Sunday service at Kingdom Seekers’ Church. After the service, the pastor and his team prayed for him until evening. As they prayed, he vomited many things which he had been given to swallow such as rings and a cross. He also vomited all the human blood he had drank. Thereafter, he gave his testimony to a packed church.

Supernatural Protection
On 25 August 2009, two weeks after his conversion, Isaac was abducted by two men at gunpoint, blindfolded and driven to a house in Naivasha where he found 6 cult leaders waiting for him. He was sentenced to death for breaking his covenant and revealing their secrets.

He was bundled into a car and they headed for Nakuru. It was about 11.00 pm. There were 8 men in 4 cars. One of the men was an Asian and he was carrying a bag in which they would put Isaac’s head and send it to the pastor of the Nyahururu church that he had attended.

After they had passed Nakuru town, they stopped somewhere and tied Isaac to a tree. Three of the men took 2 knives each and they intended to kill Isaac by throwing them at him like darts. Isaac closed his eyes and waited to die. Miraculously, all 6 knives missed him in spite of being thrown from just a few feet from him. God protected Isaac once again because some Christians were praying for him.

Next, the men untied Isaac from the tree and tied his hands and feet together and laid him on the road. The idea was to run him over with one of the vehicles. But the vehicle stalled and would not start no matter how hard they tried. God once again supernaturally protected him.

The men untied him got in the cars and headed for Nakuru town. They stopped somewhere, got out of the cars and tied Isaac. They wanted to chop off his head. When the executioner raised his sword, Isaac closed his eyes. However, the man was unable to bring the sword down no matter how hard he tried. Once again, God protected Isaac because some Christians were still praying for him.

Thereafter, the men got back in their cars and headed for Nakuru town. When the cars stopped, Isaac quickly opened the door and ran away into the night. They shot at him twice but missed. He hid in the forest and although they looked for him, they did not find him. They got in their cars and left. It was about 4.30 am.

Isaac walked all the way to Nakuru town and arrived there at about 6.00 am. As he was walking, he heard someone calling his name. When he turned, he saw it was a pastor who knew about his case. The pastor helped him to escape from those who were after his life.

It is very difficult for some people to believe what Isaac and many other former devil-worshipers reveal about the kingdom of Satan. Their stories sound like fairy tales or science fiction but they are not.

Satan is interested in born-again Christians since they are a major threat to his kingdom. That is why he does all he can through his demons and human agents to stop or destroy them because his mission is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). You now have an idea of how Satan operates and you will only have yourself to blame if you do not take appropriate measures to protect yourself from his attacks.

If you are a devil-worshiper, you should by now have realized that Satan is powerless before God. You too should get out of his kingdom before it is too late. Just do what Isaac did and you too will be saved and delivered. Always remember that Satan is a liar and a deceiver and his goal is to deceive people so that they will end up in hell with him forever.

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