Confessions of a Former Worshiper of Satan

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In the early 1990s, there were widespread claims that devil-worship was rampant in Kenya. That was why the president appointed a commission to investigate the matter. Although the commission presented its report to the president in July 1995, it was not made public on the grounds that it contained sensitive information with legal implications. In 1999, the report was released to parliament and thereafter, it was leaked to the public. The commission had established that devil-worship existed in the country. It recommended the setting up of a special police unit to investigate crimes of the occult such as ritual murder, human sacrifice and cannibalism. The recommendation was not implemented.

Devil-worship has continued to thrive in Kenya as revealed by Moses who spent several years serving the devil before he was delivered in 2009. This article does not delve into the gory and disgusting details of the rituals he was involved in. Instead, it highlights the secrets of how the kingdom of Satan wages war against Christians and how born-again Christians need to protect themselves against demonic attacks.

Moses’ Early Life

Moses was born and brought up in Bondeni, Nakuru. He attended Baharini Primary School but he dropped out when his parents divorced. Both his parents remarried and he had to live with his mother and his step-father. In 1988, he was enrolled at Kimathi Primary School but he once again dropped out of school. Thereafter, he did all sorts of menial jobs.

He later went back to school and he passed KCPE in 1998. He also became a born-again Christian in 1998 and began attending Agape Church. In January 1999, he joined Menengai High School and his first term’s tuition was paid by the pastor of Agape Church, with whom he was living.

During the school vacation in April 1999, Moses went to his maternal grandmother’s place in Subukia and he was circumcised. When he went back to Nakuru in May to begin his second term in high school, the pastor informed him that he had to find a job and pay his own tuition. Moses had no objections and he found a job as a gardener to one of the church members. Then the unexpected happened.

One Sunday afternoon, the pastor told him that after much prayer, he and his wife had decided that Moses should go and live with his own people. He was asked to leave and he packed his few belongings in a paper bag and left.

That was the beginning of unprecedented problems for Moses as a homeless young man. Moses briefly lived with a classmate who helped him a lot. But once again, circumstances forced him to leave his friend’s home.

Thereafter, Moses started sleeping secretly in the classrooms since his was a day school. He went through a lot of suffering and deprivation. He survived by sneaking into the market at night and stealing things like potatoes which he would boil in a tin can using an electric heater.

One day, he was summoned to the principal’s office. He thought the principal had somehow found out what he had been doing. The principal told him that he knew about his problems and also that he slept at school. To his surprise, he permitted him to continue sleeping in the classrooms, if he wished. Above all, the principal informed him that he would pay his tuition until he graduated from high school. That was the best news he had heard in a long time.

Moses’ mother died in August 2002 when he was in Form 4 (grade 12). After he attended her funeral, he did not go back to school for the third term which was his final one in high school. Someone finally convinced him to go back to school and do the national exams, which were just about to start, in order to get a KCSE certificate.

He went back to school a week before the exams started. The principal was very angry with him for abandoning school and yet he had been paying tuition for him. Moses did not care at all since life seemed so unfair to him.

He decided he was just going to do the exam in order to obtain a certificate to show that he had gone to high school. He was certain that he would not pass after being away from school for such a long time. He was so discouraged that he did not even bother to turn up for the last exam paper.

Moses spent the months of December 2002-February 2003 at his grandmother’s place in Subukia. He was eventually chased away by his maternal relatives for they thought he wanted to inherit their grandmother’s property. He was told to go to his paternal relatives. Those words hurt him so much because there was no truth in them.

Thereafter, Moses went to visit his friend in Nakuru who asked him whether he had checked his exam results. Moses told him there was no need as he was convinced that he had failed. His friend told him that he had passed with a mean grade of B. Moses did not believe him. He only believed when he went to school and confirmed it for himself. Thereafter, he was admitted at Kenyatta University.


Moses encountered many problems at Kenyatta University. In his second year, his roommate, who used to help him financially, asked him to join his church. Moses told him he could not join it because there were rumors that members of that church were devil-worshipers. His roommate dismissed that as just hearsay. Moses was eventually persuaded to join the church and he became a devil-worshiper.

Moses had several reasons for joining that demonic church. In the foremost was his need for financial stability. Secondly, he wanted to use the demonic powers that he would be given to take revenge on people who had hurt, harmed or caused him pain. Thirdly, he was inquisitive by nature and he was very curious to know what went on in that church. That was why he joined the devil-worshipers church which was opposite Norfolk hotel in Nairobi.

Before he was admitted to the church as a member, they carried out a background check to find out whether his motives for joining them were genuine or not. They did not want someone to join them, learn their secrets and then expose them to the world.

After he was accepted, he joined the investigators’ class and he remained in that class for two years. He was taught their doctrines, which he thought were not good at all.

After two years, he was promoted to the elders’ class. He was taught many things such as the wisdom of this world and every form of philosophy, including Socrates and Aristotle. He was also taught how to operate from the underground during his assignments. No one was allowed to ask any question in that class; they were supposed to sit and listen.

The elders’ class was divided into sections. One could not move from one section to the next without qualifying. At the second stage, Moses was baptized. They also performed some rituals on him which included rubbing some herbs and other stuff on his body. After going through those rituals, he moved to the next stage in the elders’ class where he was supposed to remain for two years and then die.

That elders’ class included people who had died and had been given an immaterial demonic body. They could change themselves into anything. They could also appear and disappear into thin air. They also had a lot of earthly wisdom.

Moses was supposed to remain in that class for two years and after that die and become one of the immaterial demonic elders. But before he could die, he had to work as a missionary for the sect.

Moses was taught numerology, palmistry and astrology. He was taught that the stars predict the lives of people. Secondly, the lives of unsaved people are in their left hands while those of born-again Christians are in the hands of Jesus Christ.

When a Christian reads horoscope and believes what it says, he literally takes his life from the hands of Christ and opens himself for deception and attacks by Satan and his demons. That is why it is dangerous to read horoscopes.

Moses was also taught the Fibonacci Sequence. The sequence tries to find a pattern in a person’s life of how things happen and then predict the probability of some future events happening in that person’s life. When one reads the horoscope and it appears to be true, that person is misled and deceived into thinking that the stars had predicted everything that would happen in his life.

Moses was taught the science of palmistry. They believe that a person’s life is on the left hand which is close to the heart. He was also taught how to use his left hand to communicate with demonic forces. He would also hear what they said using his left hand. After Moses joined the cult, they scrutinized his left palm and told him that he was born to be a leader.

Moses was also taught the science of meditating and coming out of the body. If he happened to be with someone or people who were praying, he would leave his body there and some vibrations in his mouth that would continue responding to the prayers by saying yes or amen. After the prayers were over, he would return to his body.

Devil’s Missionary

After graduating from the elders’ class Moses had to work for some time as a missionary of the cult. They would send him on missions to destroy Christians and their churches. Moses was sent to Subukia in Nakuru on his first assignment to assist the demonic prince of that area with his work.

Each area is under a demonic prince who rules it. For example, if the prince of an area is in charge of prostitution, that area is full of prostitution or if the prince is in charge of poverty, that area is full of poverty. They call those demonic princes holy angels.

Moses was sent to Kabaz in Subukia to destroy a church. He had been taught to analyze all the Christians in a church in a matter of a few minutes and find out their weaknesses and capitalize on them. For example, if a person was prone to anger, he would try to make him angry.

However, it was impossible to touch born-again Christians as they were surrounded by a supernatural wall of God’s fire. If he approached such Christians to attack them, he would be burned by the fire.

But if the Christian became angry, the fire would become weak and that would pave the way for a demon to enter him and start controlling him. The person would start causing divisions in the church and the church would split. The Kabaz church split several times. After that, he was sent to Lanet in Nakuru and he used the same trick.

Moses’ next assignment was to help destroy an ACK church at Gakindu in Nyeri. He was in a group of 12 cult members: 9 invisible demonic elders and 2 other colleagues of his. When they got there, they saw that the church was surrounded by a wall of supernatural fire because the congregation was praying and worshiping God. They were unable to get in the church, no matter how hard they tried, because of the supernatural fire. When they got back to Nairobi, they were severely punished for their failure to accomplish their mission.

Moses was sent on another mission to destroy his aunt in Nakuru. His aunt was a very strong believer who prayed all the time and the cult leaders wanted her silenced because her prayers were interfering with their work in the area. Moses was still pretending to be a born-again Christian and as such, his aunt was unaware of his mission. Moses would come out of his body each time she prayed or they prayed together and would come back after she said amen.

During the night, he would wake up and leave his body and go to her bedroom and shake the roof. His aunt would complain that there was something evil that was going in the house but she did not understand its source. When Moses failed to stop her praying, he came up with another plan that he thought would stop her.

The plan was to get one of her sons killed in an accident and that would make his aunt blame God, become angry and bitter and stop praying. Moses volunteered to take his aunt’s son to Rongai High School to see if he could be admitted there. The plan was that on their way to the school, one of his colleagues would cause the vehicle to be involved in an accident and his aunt’s son would be killed.

The plan backfired and there was no accident. When he later asked his colleague why she had not caused the accident, she said she was unable to tell which vehicle they were riding in. What had happened was that his aunt had prayed and covered her son with the blood of Jesus and hence the confusion among the agents of the devil.

Moses did not give up. He made another plan to take his aunt’s son to Nyahururu to look for a school there. His aunt went along with the plan but on the morning they were supposed to go there, she told him she had no money for their bus fare. Moses told her he would pay but she told him to go alone and find out if her son would be admitted there. His plan to kill his aunt’s son failed and he was severely punished for that failure.

Failed Mission

Thereafter, Moses was sent to destroy a church in Nakuru. He was the leader of the mission which comprised of 12 individuals. When they got there, they were unable to get in as they arrived when the people were praying. They took their positions around the church and they were able to see what was going inside by using the palms of their left hands. After the prayers were over, they were able to get in the church. Their mission was to cause confusion in that church but they failed because of the supernatural power of God.

One of the tactics of the agents of the devil was to spit at the gate of a church and members would step on their spit as they got out of the church. They would collect the dust at the gate and send it to Utah in the USA where they would perform secret rituals on it. The dust would be brought back and scattered at the gate of the church.

When a person who was not a strong believer in Jesus Christ walked over it, he would start feeling unwell and stop going to church. His supernatural fire of protection would die out and that would pave the way for the agents of the devil to strike him with a disease. If that person was not careful, he would end up dying.

Moses and his colleagues had collected dust from the gate of that Nakuru church and it was sent to Utah. Three days later, Moses was informed that he would be sent back to that church on a special mission. His body was prepared for the mission accordingly. They implanted a small stone in the calf of his left leg.

After that, he was taken to a room that faced the east and he was told to place his hand on his leg where they had implanted the stone. Then they uttered some words and suddenly Moses found out that he had supernaturally been transported to a very magnificent, clean and well-furnished room in Utah, USA.

The soil that was collected at the gate of the Nakuru church was brought in a small bottle and it placed at the center of a silver bowl full of water. The people gathered there went around the bowl while they chanted some words. Thereafter, the soil was smeared on Moses’ left hand. They also took some ash and smeared it on his left hand. He was taken to another room and within seconds, he found himself back in Nairobi.

He was told he was now ready for his Nakuru mission. He was taken to another room where he found an elder called Chihoka who was from the USA. Chihoka did something with his left hand and a screen appeared on the wall. On the screen could be seen the pastor of that Nakuru church. The pastor was preaching in Swahili and immediately he mentioned the name of Jesus, the screen rolled up and disappeared. His mission would be against that pastor.

The day came when Moses, in the company of other 11 agents of the devil went back to that Nakuru church. Two of his companions were ladies while the rest were invisible demonic elders who could appear and disappear at will. Moses had been instructed not to go to the pastor’s church; he had to confront him in his office.

But when Moses got to the pastor’s office, he was informed that he needed to make an appointment to see him because he was very busy. Moses was very angry but he could not attack the man because there was a ring of fire around him.

The man told Moses that the only way he could see the pastor without an appointment was to go to the church and wait until after the altar call. That would be a good time for him to go to the front when the pastor would be praying for people and tell him his problem.

Moses was a desperate man and he knew that if he failed on his mission he would be severely punished or even killed. That was why he decided to confront the pastor in the church against the advice that he had been given.

He went to the front as the pastor was praying for people. Moses had been taught never to go near the altar as the power that comes from God first falls on the altar. So he avoided the altar. The first thing he had been instructed to ask the pastor was why he was disrupting their operations and work in Nakuru. Immediately he stepped in front, Moses saw supernatural fire around the pastor.

When the pastor asked Moses what his problem was, Moses, with a lot of boldness and with his eyes fixed on the pastor, asked him why he was giving them trouble in Nakuru. The pastor looked at him and asked him to tell the congregation what he had just asked him. Moses looked at the pastor straight in the eyes but he could not go near him.

Then all of a sudden, the pastor threw a bolt of fire at Moses who fell down. Moses touched the stone in his calf as he had been instructed to do when he was under attack, but nothing happened. The pastor continued to throw bolts of fire at him and he was burning all over his body. It was very painful.


Moses realized that the only way out was to run away from that place. But when he tried to get up, somebody grabbed his legs. When he looked at the door of the church, he saw a huge man who was radiating very white light and was dressed in a white robe standing there blocking his route of escape. The man’s eyes were fixed on Moses.

He realized that he was in big trouble. His demonic powers disappeared and he lay there weak and helpless. He forgot everything and was very confused. He could do nothing except surrender. He was prayed for and he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Moses became a born-again Christian when he realized that God had more power than Satan. He had thought that no one would be able to stand in his way after he had studied in the kingdom of the devil for over four years and had been given so much power. But the pastor of that church had defeated him. That meant the pastor’s God had more powers that him. That was why he did not hesitate to say yes when the pastor asked him if he wanted to become a born-again Christian.

Moses later revealed that the prayers of born-again Christians throw the kingdom of Satan into confusion. When Christians pray, the noise they make is magnified many times and the demons cannot withstand it. The demons flee in all directions and in the process, they knock each other down. It appears as if some supernatural fire is being thrown at them and they run away to avoid being burned.

If only Christians would be truly committed to prayers, they would easily destroy the works of the devil in their areas. But since many Christians do not pray, that is why Satan has got strongholds in their areas.

Supernatural Protection

A few days after Moses’ conversion, he was abducted at gunpoint by three men and bundled into a car and taken to Menengai crater. It was at night. They placed him at the edge of the crater in front of the dazzling lights of their cars. They wanted to know why he had abandoned them but they were not satisfied with his answers. Finally he told them to do what they wanted with him as he would not rejoin them. He silently prayed to God to save him.

Their leader told the other two men to kill him. He got in his car and left. Instead of killing him, the two men started quarreling. All of a sudden, the men quickly got into their car and drove away as fast as they could. They certainly must have seen God’s angel and that scared them. God supernaturally saved Moses from certain death.

A few days later, Moses was once again abducted by four armed men and bundled into a car. It was at night. They drove toward Nyahururu town. They robbed him his money because, as they told him, he would not need it where he was going. Moses was silently praying that God would help him.

They came to a huge dam and stopped the car. They got him out, found a huge stone and placed it between his thighs and then bound him all over with ropes and put him in a sack.

They taunted him by telling him that neither his God nor his pastor was there to help him and he would die. They threw him into the dam and he sank down. The last thing he remembered was that he was sinking and he thought that was the end of his life.

God performed another miracle and Moses did not die. When he came to himself, he was dry and lying on a dry sack at the edge of the dam. It was the same sack he had been placed in and thrown into the dam. He was unbound and he could not understand how he had survived. It was in the morning and someone was staring at him and telling his companion that maybe he (Moses) was drank.

There is no doubt that God supernaturally saved Moses from certain death in order to demonstrate to Moses and the agents of the devil that he has got more power than Satan.

It is very difficult for some people to believe what Moses and many other former devil-worshipers reveal about the kingdom of Satan. Their stories sound like fairy tales but they are not. Satan is interested in born-again Christians since they are a major threat to his kingdom. That is why he does all he can through his demons and human agents to stop or destroy them because his mission is to steal, kill and destroy Romans 10: 10).

You now have a glimpse as to how Satan operates and you will only have yourself to blame if you do not take appropriate measures to protect yourself from his attacks. You should also avoid being lured into devil-worship in order to gain material things. Always remember that God is the source of everything you need and all you need is to ask him in prayers for whatever you need.

If you are a devil-worshiper, you too should get out of his kingdom before it is too late. Devil-worship varies from place to place and culture to culture and it may take the form of Satanism, occult, witchcraft, magic, channeling, cults, false religions, shamanism, voodoo, astrology, divination, hypnotism and clairvoyance.

Just do what Moses did and you too will be saved, delivered and you will inherit everlasting life. Always remember that Satan is a liar and a deceiver and his goal is to deceive people so that they will end up in hell with him forever.

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