Michael Thomas Sambo’s Testimony of Heaven and Hell

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There has been a surge of testimonies of people who have visited heaven and hell. Their accounts are similar in many respects. They all agree that heaven is a wonderful place while hell is a place of torment. One such an account of a tour of heaven and hell occurred in 2003. It involved a young man from Nigeria called Michael Thomas Sambo. Jesus commissioned him to tell people that heaven and hell are real places where people go after death.

Sambo was born in 1980 in Bika-Lupwe, Takum, Taraba State, Nigeria. He was 23 years old when he had his unforgettable experience of a visit to heaven and hell. He became a born-again Christian in 1993 when he was 13 years old. His heaven and hell visits took place when he was a student at the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria. He was studying to be a veterinary doctor. He visited heaven and hell on three different occasions.

First Visit to Heaven

In April 2003, Sambo was attending a youth camp retreat in Takum, Taraba State. The retreat began on 23 April and ended on 27 April 2003. On 26 April, Tambo was sitting outside with another youth leader when all of a sudden he saw three bright and brilliant beings, all dressed in white, appear before him. The splendor of being in the middle was greater than that of the other two beings. The being’s face shone like the brilliance of the sun at noon. The being introduced himself as Jesus Christ and informed Sambo that he was going to take him on a tour of heaven to see the glory of God’s kingdom.

Sambo dropped his Bible, jotter and pen and followed them. They entered the youth prayer room and he knelt down. Jesus informed him that he may come back or he may not come back. Sambo told another youth leader, who was in the room, that he was going “home” but he did not seem to understand what he was saying. Sambo was not sick; he was very healthy. Sambo did not understand what happened next but those who were there later told him that he simply fell down and died on the spot.

Journey to Heaven

Sambo’s spirit put on a shining glorious spiritual body which was dressed in white. Then they embarked on their journey to heaven. They eventually came to a very high beautiful and magnificent gate that was shining and glittering with lots of splendor. The gate was manned by two mighty angels who had books in front of them. They immediately bowed down and worshiped Jesus Christ.

The two angels welcomed Sambo to heaven. The angels were busy with their books. They were writing down the names of new believers in Jesus Christ and also deleting the names of the Christians who had backslidden on earth.

While Sambo was at the gate, he could hear very inspirational music. Then they walked into the city. Sambo had no words to describe the beauty of heaven. Heaven was the perfection of beauty and it was glorious and majestic. Sambo was walking on street of gold and he could see a reflection of his image on the floor. He was enveloped with heavenly joy. He automatically forgot about his past and the world and began to enjoy heaven.

Jesus suddenly disappeared. The angels led Sambo to the throne room where he saw Jesus seated on his glorious throne. He could not see Jesus because of the brightness of the light that was emanating from the throne. He bowed down and worshiped Jesus. He heard wonderful praise and worship music but he could not see the singers. There was harmony in the voices of the singers.

Jesus got off his throne and led Sambo to a river. He told Sambo those were the waters of the river of life. The water was pure, clear and shining as crystal. Sambo could clearly see a reflection of his image in the water. Jesus told Sambo that he loves humanity with an everlasting unconditional love in spite of their rebellion against God.

Revelation Concerning the Church

Jesus told Sambo that he was going to show him the condition of the church on earth. Jesus pointed to a particular spot on earth and a big screen appeared. Sambo saw a very large auditorium filled with worshipers to capacity. They were praising and worshiping God. Sambo thought that church was on fire worshiping God. But Jesus told him that was not the case.

When Sambo looked at the worshipers closely, he saw that they were chained hand and feet. The chains on their hands were connected to a yoke of iron around their necks. Many of them were also carrying heavy loads of sins on their heads and they looked very tired. On their faces were written their sins such as wickedness, pride and disobedience.

Sambo also saw Satan walking about among the worshipers. He was boasting that they were his people and he kept them in bondage. Unknowingly, the worshipers thought they were serving God but that was not true. Their service to the Lord was all in vain.

Jesus told Sambo that his church was not completely pure and holy. It had become a place of bondage and evil and wickedness were being committed in the church. The preachers were committing sins. Jesus said he would destroy them if they did not repent. He told Sambo to go and warn them since he was a merciful God.

Jesus also told Sambo that everything in heaven was ready for the homecoming of the bride of Christ. The angels and the saints in heaven were ready and waiting for the rapture. The mansions were also ready. Although everything was ready, the saints on earth were not yet ready for the coming of their Lord Jesus Christ. In spite of that, Jesus was ready and waiting for his Father’s command to bring his bride home to heaven.

Jesus then took Sambo to one of the gates of heaven. They stood outside and Jesus showed him the narrow path to heaven. Sambo saw a saint who had died on earth walking along the narrow path and enter into heaven. When he entered, Sambo heard shouts of joy because the man had made it to heaven.

Next, Jesus showed Sambo the broad way that leads to destruction and hell. Sambo saw multitudes of people from all races walking along that road. They included children, youth, men and women. He saw the rich, poor, nobles and kings on that road. It appeared as if an invisible force was pulling them towards the direction they were going. They were all on their way to hell.

Sambo saw a preacher who had just died on earth that day (26 April 2003) approaching the gate. He was dressed in a white robe. The robe seemed spotless. He was excited as he approached the gate. As he was about to enter, the angels stopped him. Jesus looked at him and told him that he could not enter heaven because his robe was stained with sins. Then Sambo saw some dark spots on the man’s garment.

Jesus told the preacher that he could not enter heaven because his sins would defile it since everything in heaven was holy. God the father was holy, Jesus was holy, the Holy Spirit was holy, the angels were holy, the saints were holy and everything else in heaven was holy.

The preacher pleaded with Jesus to let him enter heaven. Jesus looked at him sorrowfully. Suddenly, a mighty wind came upon the man and carried him to hell. Sambo saw the man dumped in hell where he was enveloped by flames. It was a sad sight to see a preacher who had spent many years preaching the gospel end up in hell.

Sambo saw another Christian who had just died on earth approach the gate. There were dark spots all over his white robe. It was stained with spots of sin. Jesus looked at him and told him he could not enter heaven because his garment was stained with sin. The man was sorrowful and he wept as he begged for mercy. The mighty wind swept him away and dumped him in hell where he was enveloped by flames.

First Visit to Hell

Jesus next took Sambo on a visit to hell. They were accompanied by two angels. The horrors and torments of hell that Sambo witnessed are indescribable. Hell is a horrible place and what Sambo saw there greatly scared him. He fainted after hearing the agonizing cries of damned people in hell. When they saw Jesus, they pleaded for mercy but to no avail.

Sambo saw people crying and gnashing their teeth. They all looked older than their actual age because of their great torments and sufferings. They seemed to be swimming in the flames of hell. Whenever hell roared and quaked, those on the surface sank down to the bottom while those at the bottom came to the surface. Sambo saw people from all races and social classes: men, women and children being tormented in hell. They were crying and repenting their sins and begging for mercy and forgiveness.

People in hell did not breathe like people on earth because there is no air in hell. Since there is no air in hell, they breathe in and out the burning flames of hell. They were gasping for air and their tongues were sticking out of their mouths. Their eyeballs seemed as if they were falling from their sockets. Their memories also tormented them even more when they remembered the many opportunities they had on earth to believe in Jesus but they rejected him.

Sambo also saw demons tormenting the people in hell. The demons were cruel and cruelty was written all over their faces. He also saw big worms in hell which would wriggle their way through the bodies of the people in hell. The flames of hell never affected the worms. Jesus was weeping when he remembered that he had done everything in his power to prevent people from going to hell but they refused to believe it.

Sambo saw a woman who had just died on earth land in hell. One of the demons thrust a big dagger into her back. The woman screamed in great pain and started confessing her sins. The demon yelled at her to shut up. It reminded her that she had a lot of time on earth to accept Jesus Christ but she refused to do it. It added that it was now too late and she would be in hell forever. Thereafter, Jesus took Sambo back to heaven.

Jesus told Sambo to go back to the earth and tell people about his everlasting love for mankind. Secondly, to tell them to repent and turn to God and live holy lives. Although Sambo did not want to come back to earth, Jesus took him to the gate of heaven. The two angels were also with him. Jesus touched his right ear and he heard his pastors and other church leaders praying over his dead body. He opened his eyes and he realized he was back in his body. He had been dead for four hours from 1:00-5:00 pm.

Second Visit to Heaven

About an hour later after Sambo had returned to earth, the two angels appeared and told him they were going to take him to heaven again. Suddenly, Sambo was out of his body and on his way to heaven. When he arrived at the gate, he found Jesus waiting for him. Jesus told him he wanted to show him more of heaven. They entered heaven through the gate.

Jesus told him to go and tell believers on earth that his standards of holiness had not changed because he is the Lord and he changes not. Jesus went on to tell him that the church had become corrupt and a place of sensual pleasure where all sorts of evil and wickedness were being practiced. Women, for example, went to church to seduce men by being scantily dressed. Preachers were also involved in immorality and the church had become a place of immorality. Many people were, as a consequence, dying and going to hell instead of heaven.

Jesus took Sambo to a huge mansion where he saw beautiful crowns of all sizes. He saw some crowns with some people’s names written on them. Jesus told him those crowns belonged to the faithful Christians who had overcome the world.

Next, Jesus showed Sambo a friend of his who had died on 7 November 2001. The friend hailed from Jalingo, Taraba State. Sambo and his friend had attended the same high school and the same polytechnic. Jesus took Sambo to his friend’s mansion in heaven. His friend looked glorious and he had a big crown on his head. He was excited and he welcomed Sambo into his mansion. But Jesus told him that Sambo was going back to earth, something Sambo did not want. He wanted to remain there in heaven.

Sambo was also shown the spiritual condition of some people he knew who were still alive on earth. The Lord asked him if he knew a certain woman and he said yes. Jesus told him that woman was his servant. Suddenly, the woman appeared before Jesus in heaven dressed in white and looking very glorious. She was wearing a glorious crown on her head and she had a big smile on her face.

Jesus went on to ask him if he knew the wife of a certain pastor and he said yes. Jesus told him that woman was also his servant. Once again, that woman suddenly appeared before Jesus in heaven and she was dressed in white shinning garments. She was smiling joyfully and had a beautiful crown on her head.

Jesus also asked Sambo if he knew certain pastors. When Jesus mentioned their names, he recognized them. Jesus told him that those were his servants and he gave him messages to take to them.

Second Visit to Hell

Jesus took Sambo on a second tour of hell. They arrived there and stood at the gate of hell. Sambo saw many people from all walks of life on their way to hell. As he stood outside the gate, Sambo could hear the groans of the damned people in hell. He heard people crying and confessing their sins but it was too late as they should have done that while they were still alive on earth. The horrors and sufferings of hell are indescribable.

Sambo saw a dead member of his church in hell. The man had been a very committed and zealous Christian who seemed blameless when he was alive on earth. But the man had died with some hidden and unconfessed sins in his life. That was why he was now in hell. Sambo could not believe that man had gone to hell. The man had secretly been committing fornication before he died and that was why he was in hell.

Jesus commissioned Sambo to go back and tell people about the horrors of hell and that nothing on earth could compare with the sufferings of hell. Jesus also warned him that since many people cannot comprehend the horrors of hell, they will not listen and they will only have themselves to blame when they end up in hell.

The two angels escorted Sambo back to earth. His second visit to heaven and hell had lasted for about 9 hours. He found his body lying lifeless in the Retreat Camp. When he got back into his body that Sunday morning, he found himself surrounded by pastors and other church leaders who had been praying for him.

Third Visit to Heaven

Sambo’s third visit to heaven took place on Monday, 28 April at 6:00 pm. That evening, the two angels appeared and took him to heaven for his third visit. He found Jesus waiting for him at the gate.

While Sambo was at the gate, a Christian who had just died on earth on that day approached the gate. Sambo asked Jesus what had happened to the man. Jesus explained that man was a very good Christian and his name had been in the book of life that Monday morning. That Monday morning, he had taken a business trip to another city. A woman in the bus he was riding seduced him and when he arrived at his destination, he took her to a motel and slept with her. That was when he had died before he could confess and repent his sins.

The book of life was opened and it showed that his name had been in that book before he committed adultery that day. His name was removed on the same day after he committed adultery. The man was consigned to hell. What a sad end to the life of a man who had been very faithful to the Lord for so many years!

Third Visit to Hell

Jesus also took Sambo on a third tour of hell. When they arrived there, a young woman saw them and she wanted to know if Jesus had come to get her out of hell. The woman went on to confess the sins that had sent her to hell. She said she had been a member of a Pentecostal Church but her pastor had not told her that wearing trousers (pants) was a sin against God. He also did not tell her that perming or jerry curling of hair, skin bleaching, using lipsticks, and plaiting hair with attachments were sins against God. But when she arrived in hell, she discovered that her pastor had deceived her. She said she would never forgive him. But it was now too late for her. While she was talking, hell roared and she was swallowed up by its waves and tides of flames. Sambo did not see her again.

At that moment another woman came up from the depths of hell. Sambo had known her before she died in 2001. When she saw him, she recognized him and asked if he could help her. Sambo hardly recognized her because her face looked older than her age. The woman told him that he had warned her after she had backslidden but she did not listen to him. That was why she was now suffering and being tormented in hell. The woman had originally been a very devout Christian believer but she had later backslidden and gone back into the world. Sambo had warned her to repent and return to the Lord but all in vain. It was now too late for her and she would spend eternity suffering and being tormented in hell.

Sambo next saw an old man in hell. The man told him that he had been in hell for thousands of years and there was no escape from hell. He lamented that he was doomed to spend his eternity in hell without any hope of ever getting out. What a pity!

Thereafter, Sambo saw another woman in hell crying bitterly. She had just died and was cast into hell. She had lived a sinful life on earth. The woman could not believe that she was in hell; she thought she was dreaming. She kept asking whether she was in hell or if she was dreaming. A demon told her that she would soon wake up from her dream. It then dawned on the woman that she was indeed in hell. She began to confess her sins but it was too late. She was going to spend her eternity in hell suffering the torments of hell forever.

Sambo also saw a church elder in hell. The man said that although he was a church elder, he had not been born again and neither had he wanted to be born again. He hated the born-again Christians and he did not want to have anything to do with them. Although his children had been born-again Christians, he had persecuted them until they all backslid. He wanted his children to be warned because he did not want them to join him in hell.

Sambo next saw an atheist in hell who had not believed that God existed. He confessed that all the things he said and wrote against God’s existence were wrong. He realized that God is real and he exists when he landed in hell. He also lamented that he now knew it was too late for him to believe in God and he would have to spend eternity suffering and being tormented in hell forever.

Sambo also saw a young man in hell confessing his sins. He was confessing that he had been a fornicator on earth and he had impregnated many girls whom he forced to commit abortion. There was a woman next to him and it appeared as if they were blaming each other for being in hell.

Sambo saw a Christian church worker in hell. The man told Sambo that he had worked in his local church on earth. But like the high priest Eli in the Bible who had refused to condemn and expose the sins of his sons, he too was in the same category of trying to hide his sins. That was why he was doomed to suffer in hell forever.

Sambo also saw one of his relatives in hell. When the man was on earth, he was very religious even though he was not saved. He had done a lot of good work for the Lord on earth. But good works do not save anyone; only Jesus can save people. The man was weeping bitterly.

The most heartbreaking scene that Sambo witnessed in hell was that of a boy about 10 years old being tormented in hell. When the boy saw Jesus, he cried out to him to have mercy on him. His suffering and pleas broke Sambo’s heart and he cried. Sambo also saw that Jesus was also weeping. Sambo pleaded with Jesus to save the boy from hell but all in vain. Jesus told him that he could not compromise his standards for the sake of that child.

Thereafter, Jesus and Sambo went back to heaven and stood by the gate. There were two angels at the gate with open books before them. In front of them was a queue of Christians who had just died on earth and were waiting to be allowed to enter into heaven.

When the first person in the queue came before the angels, one of the angels looked at the books and shook his head. The man’s record showed that he had harbored malice in his heart against someone else. For that reason, he was denied entry to heaven and was cast into hell.

When the second person stood before the angels, they smiled at him and told him that his record was clean. They allowed him to enter heaven. The man was filled with great joy as he entered heaven.

The third person stood before the angels. When one of the angels looked at his record, he frowned and shook his head. The man’s record showed that he had been living in the sin of fornication. He was cast into hell. The fourth person was also cast into hell because he had also been living in the sin of fornication.

The fifth man was denied entry into heaven because he had divorced his wife and married another woman. That amounted to committing adultery and he was cast into hell. The sixth person was also denied entry into heaven because he had been a liar and liars had no place in heaven. Their place is in hell. On the other hand, the seventh man was denied entry to heaven because he had refused to make a restitution while alive on earth. He was also cast into hell.


How you react to Sambo’s testimony depends on whether you believe hell is a real place or not. If hell does not exist, then you have got practically nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if hell is a  real literal place of agony and torment for the dead, you need to pay closer attention to what this article and the Bible say about hell.

You cannot wait to find out if hell is a real place or not after you die. Once in hell, there will be no way out and you will spend your eternity regretting why you did not listen while you were alive on earth. You will join millions of people in hell who, just like you, refused to listen to the truth and hardened their hearts against God. If you end up in hell, you will only have yourself to blame for all eternity.

The good news is that you do not need to go to hell. God did everything to make sure that you would not go to hell but rather you would go to heaven and spend eternity with him there. The only way to avoid going to hell is to believe that Jesus Christ paid for all your sins, died, was buried and rose from the dead. God will forgive you your sins and give you eternal life. The choice is yours: choose everlasting life in heaven and not eternity in hell. You must avoid going to hell at all cost.

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