Desperate for Healing Miracles

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There is nothing more powerful than the testimonies of supernatural healing miracles. Testimonies demonstrate that the Word of God is true and that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. They help to build people’s faith to pray for themselves and for others who need healing miracles. May God use the following testimonies to inspire you to secure the miracles you need.

Desperate Blind Woman
An American evangelist, Derek Prince, was holding a 7-day crusade in Kenya in the 1970s. At the end of each service, he would ask those who needed supernatural healing to go forward for prayers. Among those who went forward on the first night was a blind middle-aged woman. After the evangelist prayed for her, nothing happened and she went home still blind.

On the second night of the crusade, the evangelist once again invited those who needed healing to go forward. The blind woman went forward but after he prayed for her, nothing happened. The same thing happened on the third, fourth, fifth and sixth nights. The woman went forward each night but she was not healed. By this time, the evangelist was anxious and somehow embarrassed and he was thinking maybe he was the one who lacked enough faith to get the woman healed.

Then came the seventh and the last day of the crusade. The evangelist, as usual, gave an invitation and the blind woman went forward as usual. When he laid his hands on her and prayed, the woman’s eyes were instantly healed and she could see for the first time in her life. You can imagine the woman’s joy when God supernaturally healed her.

The blind woman’s testimony is very inspiring since it encourages us never to give up until we receive our miracles from God. The blind woman could have given up after being prayed for two or three times without seeing any results. She could have concluded that maybe it was not God’s will to heal her. Her faith in God did not allow her to do that. Each night, she went forward hoping to receive her miracle. When nothing happened, she would not lose hope. She would go home believing she would receive her miracle at God’s appointed time. God honored her faith.

Desperate Paralyzed Woman
Njeri was a Kenya businesswoman in the late 1970s and her business was doing well. She was in her late 30s and did not know the Lord and neither did she care about the things of God. All she cared about was making money. Tragedy struck unexpectedly one day and her life was turned upside down in the twinkling of an eye.

On that particular day, she was riding in her own public transport bus when it was involved in an accident. She was unconscious when she was rushed to hospital. What was horrifying, when she came to, was to be informed that she had broken her spinal cord and she would never walk again. She would be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

That was a very bitter pill to swallow but there was nothing she could do about it. For the next 9 years, she was confined to a wheelchair and she could hardly do anything for herself. Her children took care of her.

Njeri became very depressed and suicidal. Some people tried to comfort her by telling her it was God’s will that she was crippled and she should learn to live with that since there was nothing she could do about it. Njeri did not want to hear anything about God because she blamed him for her condition. God could have at least prevented her from becoming paralyzed but he did not. She therefore did not want to hear about him or have anything to do with him.

With time and with insistence from her friends, Njeri’s heart gradually softened towards God and she was eventually saved. She started praying and attending church. God became very real to her and she realized it was not God who had caused the accident that had left her paralyzed.

After she was saved, Njeri came to strongly believe in God’s supernatural healing power. Above all, deep down in her heart, she came to believe that one day, God would heal her. She was convinced that she would not die as an invalid in a wheelchair. That is how strong her faith was.

She began attending meetings of reputed anointed preachers who prayed for the sick and were healed. She attended meetings such as those of Margaret Wangari of Banana Hills since miracles were said to occur during her meetings. She was prayed for many times but nothing happened. However, she did not give up and she continued to attend meeting after meeting hoping to receive her miracle. This went on for several years but Njeri did not give up as she believed God would one day heal her.

Her day finally arrived. It was a Sunday morning and Wairimu Nilsson was holding a worship service in the old Nairobi Town Hall. Njeri arrived a bit late and found the place packed with people. Her wish had been to sit at the front but that proved impossible. The ushers put her (still in her wheelchair) at the back of the hall. Njeri was very disappointed as she thought there would be no chance for the evangelist to pray for her. She need not have panicked at all.

When the service began, she could feel God’s anointing all over the place. Njeri had a vision when the congregation was singing the Kikuyu hymn, “Ngukanyuka O Kahora.” She saw angels in heaven also singing the same song. What happened next took place so fast that Njeri thought she was in a trance. Next, Njeri saw a great light and a hand reach out and touch the broken part of her spine and push the bones back into their proper place.

Njeri does not remember what happened next because when she came to herself, she found herself at the front of the hall jumping about and thanking God. God had at last remembered her and answered her prayer. She had received the supernatural miracle that she had longed for and waited for many years. Her supernatural healing miracle proved to be permanent.

Njeri’s testimony is very inspiring since it encourages us to never give up until we receive our miracles from God. Njeri could have given up after being prayed for two or three times without seeing any results. She could also have concluded that maybe it was not God’s will to heal her. Her faith in God did not waver. She continued to believe that one day God would raise her from that wheelchair. God honored her faith and she received her supernatural healing miracle in accordance to God’s perfect timing.

How desperate are you to receive your healing miracle from God? Have you already given up after being prayed for several times without seeing any results? Have you concluded that maybe it is not God’s will to heal you? If you are as desperate for a miracle as the blind woman and Njeri were, you should never give up, no matter how long it takes. Keep praying and waiting and you will, like the blind woman and Njeri, receive your miracle in God’s perfect timing.

Many people give up after praying for a short time or being prayed for several times without seeing any results. You should continue praying and being prayed for, no matter how long it takes, until you receive your miracle. Never give up or conclude that maybe it is not God’s will to answer your prayers. Keep on praying and you will receive your miracle in God’s perfect timing, if you do not give up.

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