A Girl Who was Under Demonic Attack

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There are many people, including Christians, who do not believe in the existence of the supernatural world. They think the natural world is all that exists and dismiss the unseen world. According to them, any supernatural manifestations are simply the imaginations of fertile minds or superstition. The following story, which took place in May 1951 in the Philippines, baffled and proved such people wrong because many intellectuals who included medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and professors witnessed it and could not scientifically explain what was happening.

The strange story had to do with a 17-year old Filipino girl called Clarita Villanueva. She had not known her father or what happened to him. She was brought up by her mother who was a spiritist and a fortune teller. Her mother held séances in her home, communicated with the dead and also practiced divination. People paid her for her services.

Clarita’s mother died when she was twelve years old. Thereafter she became a street girl since there was no one to take care of her. In due course, she became a prostitute and she later moved to the capital city of Manila. By the time she was 17 years old, Clarita was a well-established prostitute in Manila.

Invisible Attackers

One night in May 1951, she was arrested and jailed in the 300-year old Bilibid Prison. Two days after she was incarcerated there, very strange supernatural things began to happen to her. She began to receive severe bites on her body from two invisible beings which no one could see except herself.

She described the attackers as a big monster and a small monster. They would sink their fangs and teeth into her flesh and make deep indentations. They would bite her neck, back, legs and arms. She would bleed from the bites. She would scream in horror and faint whenever the creatures attacked her. She was taken to the prison hospital but the doctors declared that they had never seen anything like it before.

The bitings began to occur daily. Everyone was puzzled. But the bitings continued unabated every day. Many doctors and other professionals were invited to help. News media also sent their reporters to investigate. The newspapers, radio stations and magazines publicized the story. World news services also reported the incident worldwide. Even cartoonists drew pictures of the demons that were attacking Clarita from her description.

According to Clarita, one of the invisible creatures was a large black monster which was very hairy. He had fangs on each side of his mouth and a set of buck-teeth all the way around. The other creature was a dwarf and had to climb up her body in order to bite her upper torso. They two creatures would bite the parts of body that had lots of flesh like the back of her legs, back of her neck and upper arms. Their bites would leave behind ugly and painful bruises. The doctors verified her description by the bite teeth marks on her body.

However, one doctor accused Clarita of putting on an act in order to get publicity. Clarita sternly looked at him and told him that he was going to die for falsely accusing her. On the following day, the doctor died without even getting sick. When the news of the doctor’s death spread, people were struck with fear and they accused Clarita of being a witch who had power to bewitch and kill people.

Next the warden had a confrontation with Clarita about something she had done wrong and in his anger, he kicked her. Clarita looked at him in cold hate and told him that he was going to die. The man died within four days. Everyone was now very worried and concerned. The medical staff was deeply concerned. They were afraid that she would kill them as she had killed the two men. They had no idea what to do about the situation as it was beyond their medical knowledge.

The prison medical staff sought for assistance from medical doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists and professors. But no one could help them. They sent word everywhere seeking for help. Strangely, they received 3,000 cables from non-Christians from all over the world but none from Christians. Most of the cables were from India and Japan. The non-Christians suggested various solutions. The only people from Manila who turned up to help were the spiritists who said it was John the Baptist who was biting Clarita.

Help at Last
After three weeks, a radio reporter went to Bilibid prison and taped a session while the doctors were struggling with the demonized Clarita. Thereafter, the reporter broadcast the story on a local radio station – and that was the first time that Lester Sumrall, an American missionary in the Philippines heard about Clarita’s story.

Although the newspapers had given the story wide coverage, Lester had been too busy building a church to read the newspapers. When he heard the story, he spent that night praying for Clarita. The next morning God told him to go to that prison and pray for the demonized girl. He did not want to go and he only went after God told him that there was no one else in Manila that he could send.

Since he was a foreigner, he went to the mayor’s office and asked for permission to visit Clarita. The mayor granted him permission. But he also warned him that the girl had injured several people and had also cursed two people who had died. The mayor allowed him to go and see Clarita on the condition that he would not sue the government if Clarita hurt him and neither would he complain if she mistreated him.

Lester next visited the doctor who was in charge of the prison hospital who informed him that the prison’s Catholic chaplain, Catholic bishop of the Philippines and Catholic priests had all refused to pray for Clarita. Lester informed him that he would pray for the girl on two conditions. One, that no medication should be given to her while he was praying for her. Secondly, that no one else should be allowed to pray for her or assist in any way. He wanted Jesus to get all the glory for healing the girl. That night, Lester spent time fasting, praying and reading the Bible.

When Lester arrived in the prison on the following morning to pray for Clarita, the doctors were skeptical and wondered what the foreign preacher could do. However, Clarita was brought into the prison’s chapel where Lester was waiting with many news reporters, foreign press, professors and medical doctors who had been invited by the authorities. There were about 100 people who had come to witness the ordeal.

When Clarita was brought in, she looked at each person slowly and closely. When she saw Lester, she screamed violently that she did not like him and she hated him. That was the demon speaking through her. Lester replied that he had come to cast them out. That was the beginning of a three-day confrontation.

The battle raged on with Clarita blaspheming God. Her eyes were burning coals of fire and full of hate. The demons used her lips to curse God, Lester pled the blood of Jesus. She did that in English and yet after she was delivered, She had to converse with Lester through an interpreter since she could not speak English. Lester commanded the demon to come out of her. After a three-day confrontation with the devil, she was finally delivered. She relaxed, smiled, and said that they were gone.

After Clarita was delivered, the doctor in charge of the prison’s hospital and Lester went to the mayor’s office and gave him the good news. The mayor was elated and asked Lester whether there was anything he could do for him. Lester needed two things. First a building permit for his church which he was given free of charge. His church became the first Protestant Church in the city of Manila to receive a free building permit. Secondly, Lester told the mayor that he needed to be allowed to hold his crusades in the city’s Roxas Park for the next six weeks. The mayor told him he could have it free of charge for as long as he wanted.

Lester held his crusades at Roxas Park for six weeks and they were at times attended by 60,000 people. By the end of the crusade, 150,000 people had bee born-again. All this happened because God had miraculously delivered a 17-year old prostitute from demonic possession. The girl’s story had been advertised all over the Philippines and people were drawn to the God of Lester who was able to perform such an awesome miracle.

After Clarita was delivered, she was placed in an institution for wayward girls. Lester later petitioned the authorities to release her and her request was granted. Lester and his associates placed her in the home of a good Christian family. Clarita eventually got out of that home and moved to another town where she got married and became active in her local church.

Although this story sounds stranger than fiction, it is true as it was documented and spread all over the world. This was uncommon demonic attack which we do not even read in the Bible. Even if nothing like it is recorded in the Bible, it does not make it untrue. It was witnessed by many intellectuals, scientists and professionals who were lest speechless as they could not explain it. What we need to realize is the Bible is the word of God is true and if it says that Satan and the demons are real beings, we better believe it. That was demonstrated by this story.

Above all, we must realize that God is real and his word is also real and whatever the Bible says is true and if it has not yet happened it will surely come to pass. That is why we need to take what God has said very seriously because our eternity depends on it. Believing that Satan and his demons exist is not enough. That will not save anyone.

What we need to believe is that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he was born as a human being. He took all our sins on himself, was crucified, he died and rose from the dead on the third day. Jesus did all that in obedience to God his father who loved us so much that he gave his only son so that whoever believes in his will not perish but will inherit everlasting life. All that one needs to do is to believe in Jesus Christ with his heart and his sins will be forgiven and the Lord will write his name in the Lamb’s Book of Life. That is all.

There is nothing important or that can surpass God’s free gift of eternal life. Everything else in the whole world is worthless and rubbish compared to the gift of everlasting life. Many people do not realize what that means until they end up in hell where there is no hope of escape. All those people in hell are believers but their believing came too late to save them.

Do not wait to believe in God when you get to hell. That will do you no good. The time to believe in God is while you are still alive on earth and the time to be saved and inherit eternal life is now. You are not assured that you will be alive next minute or next hour or next day or next week or next month or next year. Just believe in Jesus right now because tomorrow might be too late.

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