A Man Who Used to Serve Satan

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There are many testimonies of people who had not only sold their souls to the devil but were also serving him faithfully. Although such testimonies are almost unbelievable, they have continued to emerge. Among the earliest testimonies of a former devil-worshiper was that of Emmanuel Eni of Nigeria. The following is a brief account of how he was lured into devil-worship, his work as an agent of Satan and how he was finally supernaturally delivered and became a born-again Christian who is now serving the living God.

Emanuel Eni was born in 1967 in Bende, Imo State, Nigeria. Eni was the third-born in a family of four: one boy and three girls. Tragedy struck and his mother died when he was five years old. His father also died four years later.

Two years after his father died, Eni’s eldest sister mysteriously disappeared while his second sister had a mental breakdown. Eni and his youngest sister went to live with their grandparents. Eni later dropped out of school because of lack of money to pay his fees. Both his grandparents also died at about that time.

Eni’s sister went to live with an unknown relative while Eni, who was 13 years old, went to live in his father’s house all by himself. But an elementary school friend of his called Chinedum came to his rescue and convinced his parents to let Eni live with them. Life seemed to have gone back to normal until tragedy once again struck. Two years later Chinedum and his parents were killed in a car accident. Eni had no choice but to go back to live in his father’s house all by himself.

More Problems
Thereafter, a neighbor hired Eni to work on his farm. But the man had some evil ulterior motives. One day while they were out there in the bush, the man demanded that Eni hand-over his father’s 104 acres of land. When Eni refused, the man vowed to kill him. Eni ran away while the man, a knife in hand, pursued him. No one was there to help Eni. Eni outran the man but he fell into a grassy pit about six feet deep. The man searched for him but when he failed to find him, he gave up.

Eni reported the incident to the elders of his village but no action was taken against the man. Eni felt rejected, dejected, unloved and that no one cared for a poor orphan like him. Hatred and resentment began to build up in his heart against everyone in the community.

It was at about that time that Eni became a member of the Assemblies of God church in his village. However, he was not a born-again Christian because he did not know what that meant. Joining that church did not bring him any relief because no one in the church cared about him even though they knew about his plight. All the problems that he faced paved the way for him to be seduced and become a devil-worshiper.

When everything seemed hopeless, an old school friend and girl friend of his called Alice came to his rescue. Alice was 20 years old while Eni was 15 years old. She came from the same village and they had attended the same school. They had become good friends and had even promised to get married when they were old enough. Alice had gone to Akure for her high school education from where she had sent Eni many love letters.

By the time Alice reappeared in Eni’s life, she had graduated from high school and was employed by the Standard Bank, Lagos. Alice invited Eni to join her in Lagos and also gave him bus fare. Eni was delighted because it appeared that he would make a fortune in Lagos. Above all, moving there would enable him to escape from all the problems that had plagued him since the death of his parents.

Satan’s Agent
Eni moved in Alice’s well-furnished apartment in Lagos. Alice promised to provide him with everything that he needed in life and also make him rich. She told him to settle down and enjoy himself. Alice showered him with gifts, money, clothes and love. However, after three months strange things began to happen.

One night, Eni woke up only to find a large snake lying in bed beside him instead of Alice. Alice was nowhere to be seen. Some nights, he would wake up and when he looked at Alice’s body it would be as transparent as a cellophane bag. Some other nights, she would disappear and reappear. He would also hear strange noises or dancing in the living room.

When Eni could no longer bear the fearful happenings, he confronted Alice about them. To his shock, she reacted violently and sternly warned him never to ask her any questions otherwise he would regret it. Eni was greatly afraid of her and he did not know what to do. But two days later, his old Alice came in smiling, hugged him and gave him some gifts. She assured him of how much she loved and cared for him and asked him not to be afraid of her. She also promised to explain what was happening later.

That evening, she took him to a night club and reminded him of her promise to make him rich. She also told him that one day, he would know everything that she knew. Thereafter, their lives went back to normal.

One day after Alice had gone to work, Eni searched the apartment and he was shocked by what he found. He saw human skulls and different parts of human body in the fridge. There were also human skeletons hidden in the ceiling. In another room, he saw a pot filled with blood and some other occultic stuff. Eni was terribly shaken when he realized his life was in danger. When Alice came home that evening, he could tell by the way she looked at him that she knew he had been snooping around.

On the following evening, she took him to a meeting in a very big building on the outskirts of Lagos. They entered backwards and sat down. The hall was large with about 500 young men and women seated in a circle. Seated above them was the leader. They could only see his head but not his body. Alice introduced Eni as their new member and they welcomed him. Alice was promoted for recruiting him. When they were about to leave, the leader asked Eni to come back on the following evening.

That same night at 2:00 am, Alice woke him up and revealed certain things to him. She told him that she was half human and half spirit and what he had seen in her apartment was what she used every morning during her prayers so that the spirits would guide her throughout the day. She warned him never to tell anyone anything she had done or would do and neither should he tell anyone anything about her secret life. If he did, that would mean certain death for him. She also gave him some books to read about the mysteries of the dark world.

On the following evening, he went back alone to the building where they had that meeting. He found nine other individuals who were initiated with him into the membership of the society. A concoction that looked like putty was rubbed on their bodies and it qualified them to be full members of the secret society. Next, each drank a glass of oil-like liquid which qualified them to be agents of the society. Thirdly, a gunpowder-like substance was rubbed on their heads and that paved the way for them to learn the mysteries of the society. There was now no turning back for Eni and abandoning or revealing the secrets of the society meant certain death.

After that incident, Eni started having strange feelings. He was a changed man and he could no longer control himself. Alice found an apartment for him and helped him to furnish it. After he had moved out of her apartment, she terminated their relationship.

Eni went into the business of smuggling goods. Since he had Satanic powers, he had no trouble with the government’s custom agents. He started accumulating a lot of money. Food and earthly comforts were no longer a problem to him.

Trip to India
One day when Eni got back to his apartment, he found a man sitting in the parlor. The man told him he had been sent to take him to India. The man touched him and in an instant, Eni found himself in a big conference hall in New Delhi, India. There were many people seated in the hall. They all ate human flesh and drank human blood. There followed 14 days of disgusting, degrading and dehumanizing testing.

After he had passed all the tests, he was initiated into full membership of the society. He was instructed to build a secret chamber as soon as he returned to Nigeria and place in it a pot filled with human blood and a living tree in it. He was also to place beside the pot a human skull, vulture feathers, wild animal skins, boa skin and a big shiny laterite. He was to drink the blood in the pot every morning while reciting some incantations. Secondly, he was instructed never to eat food cooked by human beings; he would be fed supernaturally. Thirdly, he was commanded never to have any sexual intercourse with any woman.

More Powers
When Eni got back to Nigeria, he found he had more powers than he did before he went to India. He could travel at will to any part of the world. But he still needed more powers. Using some secret incantations, he traveled into space where he came into contact with more powerful demons. He stayed there for two weeks and was given more powers. But he was not satisfied and he wanted more demonic powers.

He traveled to the underworld to acquire more powers. He spent two weeks there and he saw people who were chained while others were making money day and night. He also saw some prominent members of the Nigerian society who went down there to get more powers and in return they would sacrifice to Satan. He also saw some church leaders who went down there to get demonic powers. Eni was given more demonic powers and he returned home after two weeks.

Thereafter, Eni became acquainted with a beautiful woman who introduced herself as the Queen of the Coast. One day, she took him for a visit under the sea where he saw a big city with many people who were busy working and manufacturing things. She took him to a mansion and told him she wanted to work with him. She promised to give him a lot of wealth and protection. He was once again initiated into a covenant of secrecy by eating human flesh, drinking human blood and eating a snake. She also gave him an “angel” to guide him. He promised to always obey her. She also gave him powers to change to any kind of a sea animal such as hippopotamus and crocodile.

Meeting with Satan
One day, a girl called Nina was sent by the Queen of the Coast to take him to a meeting with Lucifer. During the meeting, Satan told them to stop fighting against the non-Christians and the hypocrites because they were already his. They should instead fight against the Christians and stop them from going to that place (heaven) from which he was driven out. Satan would not mention the name heaven.

Satan also told them that the end was near and they should fight against the Christians like never before to make sure they did not make it to heaven. Someone happened to mention the name Jesus and to the surprise of everyone present, Satan fell down from his seat! Satan sternly warned the man never to mention “that name” again otherwise it would cost him his life.

Satan boasted that he would soon become the ruler of the world and he would reward his agents handsomely and make them rulers. He assured them that since people loved worldly things, he would make sure that they had no time for God. He also told them that he would use money, wealth and women to destroy the church.

After the meeting, the Queen of the Coast inserted human ashes with other things inside Eni’s leg bones, a stone in his finger and something else inside the bone of his right hand. Those things would enable him to know what people were thinking, empower him to destroy people and also enable him to change to anything such as a woman, an animal or a bird. She also gave him a telescope, a TV and a video for identifying born-again Christians. She finally gave him 16 girls to work under him as his agents.

On Satan’s Mission
Thereafter, Eni and his agents cause a lot of destruction and death. They also caused many auto accidents on the roads. Eni destroyed very many lives and that pleased Satan who promoted him and made him the chairman of the wizards.

About a month later, Eni and other agents of Satan attended a meeting with the devil. At the meeting, they laid down plans to hold an African wizards conference in Benin City in 1983. They publicized the conference in the major newspapers and other public media.

Suddenly, the Nigerian Christians began praying and Satan’s plans were shattered. There was a lot of confusion in the kingdom of Satan. As a result, the conference was not held in Nigeria; it was held later in South Africa.

It was at about that time that Eni was ordered to make the sea his home. He would only visit the world to perform difficult assignments. His new assignments in the sea included inventing charms for witchdoctors, helping people to open new churches, maternities, businesses and giving barren women children and money. The recipients had to pay dearly for the gifts by giving up loved ones to be sacrificed to the devil.

War Against Christians
Eni and his agents used many methods to fight against the Christians. They include causing spiritual slumber, confusion in churches, sickness, barrenness, ignorance of the word of God and making them backslide.

They would, for example, bankrupt the businesses of Christians so that they would blame God for their loss. If the Christians were employed, they would oppress them through their bosses and get them fired. Those who backslid would be killed to ensure they did not get another chance to repent their sins.

Eni would also send his girls to churches to cause distractions, quarrels, fights and confusion. The girls would be very-well dressed and very seductive. They would try to seduce the men and pastors. They would also discourage the Christians from reading the Bible thereby making them ignorant of their God-given authority and the promises of God.

Eni and his agents were not always successful in their fight against born-again Christians. For example, he failed to kill a new born-again Christian who was causing a lot of havoc to the kingdom of Satan. One day, the Christian was riding a bus to go to another place to give his testimony. Eni caused the bus to crash and all the passengers, except the born-again Christian, were killed. The Christian emerged from the wreck without even a single scratch because God supernaturally protected him.

They also failed to silence another pastor who was causing a lot of trouble to the kingdom of Satan. Eni’s girls tried all they could but they failed to seduce him to sin. Eni himself took over the mission and changed into a woman but he too failed to seduce the pastor. He thereafter decided to kill him. One day when the pastor was in an open-air market buying some stuff, Eni caused a trailer loaded with drums of oil to veer off the road and strike a high tension electric pole. The pole fell right in the market and killed many people. But the pastor miraculously escaped unharmed.

On another occasion, the pastor was walking along the road when Eni tried to use an oncoming army lorry loaded with yams to kill him. Eni used his demonic powers and caused the lorry to veer off the road. It struck and killed many people. But once again, the pastor miraculously escaped unhurt. Eni gave up his attempt to kill him.

Failed Deliverance
In February 1985, Eni traveled to Port Harcourt where he met a man called Anthony who invited him to his home. There were three other Christians in the room: a man and two women. Anthony told him he had a message for him from God. He then took his Bible and began preaching to Eni. After he had preached, he asked Eni to kneel down for prayers. Eni obeyed although he was not ready or prepared to be delivered.

When Anthony began praying, Eni was knocked down by the Holy Spirit. He got up and was angry and began destroying things in the house. When he looked outside, he saw three of his fellow devil-worshipers: a man and two girls who had come to help him. They tried to enter the house but they could not because the power of God prevented them. After praying for him and struggling for hours to cast the demons out of him, they gave up. Nothing happened and Eni left in the same way he had arrived; still an agent of the devil.

Before he left, Anthony invited him to attend their all-night prayers on the following evening at their Assemblies of God Church. Eni accepted the invitation because he thought he would go there and use his Satanic powers to cause problems in the church.

Eni attended the church service together with three other agents of the devil. They also joined in the singing and clapping as they sung. Eni and his fellow agents caused problems and many church members fell asleep while the passion went out of their singing.

At about 2:00 am, the pastor called Eni to the front to pray for him. He knelt down and a few other church members began to pray for him. When they started praying, Eni heard a big bang inside him and he fell down. He started crawling on the floor. He then stood up and became very violent. But they never gave up. The struggle to deliver him continued until 7:00 am in the morning. By then Eni was physically exhausted and he became very quiet. That deceived them into thinking that he had finally been delivered.

As soon as he left the church, his demonic strength came back. He was very angry and decided to take vengeance on that church. He decided to go back to Lagos to get more powers and other powerful agents of Satan to help him deal with that church.

Encounter with Jesus
Eni took a taxi that was headed for Lagos. Before they had traveled for many miles, he heard someone call him Nkem! He turned around but no one in the taxi knew him. Above all only his late mother had ever used that name. While he was wondering what was happening, he heard a voice say, “Nkem, are you going to betray me again?” He did not recognize the voice. Suddenly, Eni had a very severe fever and he collapsed and lost consciousness.

Eni found himself in a very large building that looked like a conference hall. He does not have words to express what he saw inside. The hall was well decorated and at its end was an altar. There was a throne and seated on it was Jesus who was shining like the sun. Jesus told Eni to come forward but he could not move because of the brightness. Each time he tried to move, he would fall down. Then two hands reached out from the throne and shook him and his spiritual body stood up while his physical body collapsed on the floor. Jesus once again told him to come to him. He did.

Jesus walked to him and removed his legs and poured out what the agents of the devil had put inside and then fixed them back to his body. He did the same with his hands and other parts of his body where Satanic objects had been implanted. Jesus sat down on his throne and asked Eni to come to him. As he started walking, certain demonic objects fell from his body just before he reached the throne.

Jesus asked him where he was going and he replied to Onitsha to see a friend. But Jesus told him he would reveal what was in his mind. Jesus asked someone to show him the evil he had conceived in his heart against that church at Port Harcourt. The man took him to another room and wrote on a blackboard every evil deed that he had planned against Christians in general and that church in particular. He then took Eni back to Jesus.

Jesus told him he did not want him to perish but to save his life. He warned him that was going to be his last chance to repent his sins and serve the Lord otherwise he would die.

Jesus took Eni by the hand and told him he was going to show him some things. They entered a room and when Jesus opened a curtain, he saw the whole world and people going about their businesses.

They went into another room and when Jesus opened the curtain, he saw many people chained. They looked very sorrowful and Jesus said they were hypocrites who were waiting for the Day of Judgment.

When they went into another room and he opened the curtain, Eni saw many people who were wearing white garments rejoicing. Jesus told him they were the redeemed ones and they were waiting for their rewards.

They moved to another room and Eni was shocked by what he saw when Jesus opened the curtain. It was hell and it looked like a whole city on fire. It was a terrible place.

When Jesus opened the curtain in another room, Eni saw a very glorious city which was very large and beautiful. The streets were made of gold. The buildings could not be compared with anything in this world. Jesus told him the place was prepared for the saints and asked him whether he would be there. Eni answered yes.

Finally, they went into another room and when Jesus opened the curtain, Eni saw everything that was shortly going to happen to him on his journey. Jesus promised to deliver him from all his problems. It was at that point that Eni woke up.

Eni found himself lying on a bed and there was a man and a woman who were looking at him. He did not know them. He asked them what he was doing there. The man told him he had collapsed in his taxi and for reasons he could not explain, he had taken him to his home to rest. Eni stayed with them for two days and then resumed his journey. To his surprise, everything Jesus had told him would happen on his journey happened one after the other.

Satan’s Revenge
After Eni became a born-again Christian, everything he had acquired from the devil mysteriously vanished. His business collapsed and he could not even afford to pay his rent. He tried to borrow money from some Christians he knew but none would lend him money. When he went back to his village, he found the house that he was building had been demolished by his uncle who also threatened to kill him.

When he returned to Port Harcourt, he was very eager to testify in that Assemblies of God Church about what the Lord had done for him but the pastor would not allow him because he was not a member of the church! Satan was once again blocking him.

Eni could not understand why God was letting all those things happen to him. In his frustration, he even thought of going back to the devil. But he refrained when he remembered that Jesus had warned him that was going to be his last chance.

One of the major problems Eni had was that he was ignorant about what the Bible said. Secondly, no one was willing to disciple him. Eni joined another church where he was welcomed and they began to teach him the word of God.
Eni was also harassed and tormented by the devil and his agents as they wanted him to go back to them. He constantly had nightmares. When the agents of the devil failed to make him change his mind, the Queen of the Coast took over. She met him several times and pleaded with him to go back to them but all in vain. When he refused, she promised to kill him.

Divine Protection
One day in September 1985 as he was walking home, someone grabbed him from behind and began to strangle him. Eni struggled for dear life and although there were people who were passing by, no one came to his rescue. It was as if they could not see what was happening to him. But God intervened and rescued him.

A few days later, his landlord hired four men to kill him because he had not paid his rent. One man drew a gun, aimed it at him and fired. But nothing happened. Another man drew a dagger and stabbed him but nothing happened. The surprised men ran away. Once again, God supernaturally rescued him.

Although this story sounds like a fairy tale, it is not. There are many people who worship the devil and are deceived into thinking that Satan will ultimately reward them in his kingdom. Nothing could be further from the truth. Satan has nothing to offer except death and destruction. Even people who served him, like Eni, could not enjoy life because they were forbidden from participating in certain things.

What good are powers derived from Satan if they are only used to kill and destroy people? In the final analysis, all those who follow and serve Satan will end up in the lake of fire with him forever. Is that what you want?

Would it rather not be much better to serve God who gives you everything to enjoy in this life and everlasting life with him in heaven? As demonstrated by this story, all the ultimate power belongs to God and Satan’s power and hold on people are broken in the name of Jesus. Would it not be much better to serve God who would give you power to perform miracles such as healing the sick and delivering those who are demon-possessed?

It is not too late to turn from Satan, darkness and death to God who loves you so much that he sent his beloved son Jesus Christ to the world to die for our sins so that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life. You are a “whosoever” and all you need to do is ask God to forgive you. He will immediately respond and forgive you and cleanse you with his blood and write your name in his Book of Life. You will then be on your way to heaven. It is as simple as that!

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