Halloween is a Satanic Celebration

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Halloween is the darkest and spookiest holiday of the year which is observed by many people on October 31. It is the United States’ second largest commercial holiday. The cost of decorations, costumes, candy, and greeting cards amounts to approximately $8 billion a year. Should born-again Christians observe Halloween? Read on and then you decide for yourself.

Halloween originated in Europe at about 300 BC among the Celts people of Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe. Halloween was associated with death because their new year, which began on November 1, marked the beginning of winter which often caused the death of many people and animals.

On October 31, the last day of their year, the Celts held a festival in honor of Samhain who was their god of the dead. They lit a sacred bonfire and their priests, who were known as Druids, offered human and animal sacrifices to Samhain.

The Celts believed that on the night of October 31, the wall between the living and the dead was removed thereby allowing the spirits of the dead to mingle with the living. Samhain would also send evil spirits to harm people.

The only way people could escape from being harmed was by assuming demonic disguises and looking like evil spirits themselves. They dressed up in outlandish demonic costumes which were meant to fool the evil spirits and scare them away. They would also make Jack o’lanterns to scare away evil spirits. People would also put food and drink offerings outside their homes for the visiting spirits. Spirits who were not well treated would trick those who had neglected them.

The Romans also celebrated the festivals of Feralia and Pomona at the same time of the year. Feralia was the Roman day honoring the dead while Pomona was the Roman goddess of trees and fruit. Her symbol was the apple. The Roman and Celtic festivals were later combined. Pomona’s apple is the root of the Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples.

In 610 AD, Pope Boniface IV set aside May 13 as All Saints Day or All Hallows Day to honor all the dead saints. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III moved the date to November 1 in an attempt to replace the Samhain festival but all in vain.

Many Halloween traditions continued to be practiced such as bonfires, parades, and dressing up in demonic costumes. Since Samhain was celebrated the night before November 1, the celebration was known as All Hallows Eve, and later as Halloween.

At about 1000 AD, the church designated November 2 as All Souls Day to honor the dead who were not saints. The November 1 and 2 festivals were eventually combined and celebrated as Hallowmas. On All Souls Day, the poor people would go door to door begging for food and in return, they would pray for the souls of the givers’ dead relatives to be admitted to heaven.

Satanic Symbols of Halloween
The imagery of death, darkness and evil are prominent in Halloween celebrations. Halloween is filled with all sorts of evil demonic symbols which are incompatible with Christianity. They include skeletons, skulls, coffins, haunted houses, vampires, spiders, cats, owls, snakes and demonic masks. All these have one thing in common: they promote and glorify evil, darkness, death, demons and Satan.

The black cat was a symbol of evil spirits and they were often burned in animal sacrifices. The orange and black colors of Halloween can be traced back to the bonfires which were for burning human and animal sacrifices. The flames were orange in color as they glowed in the dark.

Trick-or-treating was the custom of the poor going house to house begging for money to purchase necessities for the feast. They blessed those who were generous and cursed those who were stingy. Apple bobbing and other manipulations of the fruit were thought to foretell the future.

Jack o’lanterns commemorates Jack who tricked the devil and was not allowed in heaven or in hell. The devil gave him an ember to light his way on his wanderings which he carried in a hollowed out turnip. Pumpkins were later substituted for turnips. Carved in various grotesque and demonic faces, the luminous lamps are supposed to frighten away evil spirits and ghosts.

Witches are a vital symbol of helping people to understand messages from the demonic world. Their pointed hats are symbols of power from the heavens. The broom is a fertility symbol. The scarecrow is a guardian symbol against evil forces.

Halloween in the USA
Halloween was hardly observed in America until the 1840’s when large numbers of Catholic immigrants came over from Europe and brought the Halloween traditions with them. By the mid-20th century, Halloween had turned into a secular community-centered holiday with parties city-wide, parades and demonic costumes. Today Halloween is almost exclusively an American secular holiday, but many who celebrate have no concept of its Satanic origins.

Christianity is Incompatible with Halloween
It is very obvious that Halloween is a Satanic festival that represents paganism, Satanism, idolatry, witchcraft and spiritism. Halloween is the most sacred satanic holiday of the year.

Many Christians participate in Halloween festivities as they think it is fun and harmless. They also allow their children to wear demonic costumes and to participate in their schools’ demonic parades. Such people are either ignorant or deliberately disregard what the Bible says about such things. No wonder the Bible says that people perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

It is crucial to know the truth because truth sets you free from false doctrines and deception. Not knowing the truth or living according to the teachings of the Word of God can be very dangerous and costly in the final analysis as it will cost you God’s free gift of eternal life. If that happens, you will end in hell being tormented and regretting forever why you did not heed God’s word.

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