Hell and the Lake of Fire

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Hell and the lake of fire are two different places that are in different locations. Both are already in existence and are places of torment. But while hell has already got some occupants, the lake of fire is still empty since no one has been thrown there yet. While the Bible mentions hell many times, it mentions the lake of fire only four times: once in Matthew 25:41 and four times in Revelation 19:20, 20:10, 14-15 & 21:8).

Jesus mentioned hell 46 times and hellfire 18 times. Hell is a place of continuous punishment for the wicked – all those who refuse to believe in Jesus Christ as their savior and God. Sinners go to hell when they die to wait for judgment. Hell is a temporary place of punishment and it is a filthy, stinking, dark, and airless place where people have no peace or rest day and night as they are tormented. It is a place of agony, hopelessness and regrets. No one can escape from hell. Those in hell are already guilty and will never be declared innocent on the Day of Judgment.

People in hell will be judged at the end of time before the Great White Throne of God. All the sinners who have died since the creation of the world will rise up and their recreated bodies will be joined together with their souls which had been in hell. The Book of Life (Lamb’s Book of Life) will be opened and they will be told that since their names are not written there, they will be judged according to what they had done on earth.

Then other books will be opened that contain every sin that each sinner committed when alive on earth. They will be judged according to their sins but no one will be acquitted. It will be a day for sentencing them for their sins.

Each person’s sins will be read out to him and he will be informed that all those sins, no matter how vile or evil they were, could have been forgiven if only he had believed that Jesus Christ had paid for them when he died on the cross. Since the sinners refused to believe that, then they will spend eternity paying for their sins themselves. But they will never be able to pay for their sins themselves. Only Jesus could have done it for them.

The Lake of Fire
Jesus said that the lake of fire was created for Satan and his demonic angels (Matthew 25:41). It is a lake burning with sulfur (Revelation 20:15). It is a place of everlasting torment for the devil, his demons and the unsaved human beings. After their judgment, the sinners will also be cast into the lake of fire burning with sulfur (Revelation 20:15).

Today there is no one swimming in the lake of fire because no one has been thrown there yet. The first two human beings who will be thrown alive into the lake of fire will be the Anti-Christ and his false prophet who will perform many signs and wonders and deceive many people. They will be thrown there alive at the end of the great tribulation (Revelation 19:20).

Satan will be the next to be thrown into the lake of fire together with his demons. This will take place after the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ here on earth (Revelation 20:10). Next to be thrown into the lake of fire will be sinners after their judgment. Sinners will spend eternity in the lake of fire burning with sulfur being tormented forever. There will never be any respite or escape from there. Is that the place you would like to spend your eternity?

Lastly, death and hell will also be thrown into the lake of fire as there will be no more death after that (Revelation 20:14). Then the old order of things will pass away and God will create a new heaven and a new earth where the redeemed will live forever in the presence of their God.

From the foregoing, it is very clear that there is only one sin that sends people to hell and ultimately to the lake of fire burning with sulfur. That is the sin of unbelief. That is refusing to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he died for your sins, and on the third day he rose from the dead. If a person believes that, all his sins, no matter how filthy or vile they are, are forgiven and washed away with the blood of Jesus. Above all, his name is written in the Lamb’s (Jesus’) Book of Life. Thereafter, God does not remember his sins any more.

Will you spend your eternity in heaven or in the lake of fire burning with sulfur? Jesus said that the lake of fire was not created for human beings; it was created for Satan and his demonic angels (Matthew 25:41).

If you end up in hell and later in the lake of fire, you will only have yourself to blame for rejecting God’s free gift of eternal life. God has already done what is necessary to prevent you going to hell and the lake of fire and there is nothing else he can do about it.

God demonstrated his love for humanity by sending his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who took upon himself all our sins and died on the cross to pay for them since it was impossible for us to pay for them ourselves. Jesus did not deserve to suffer and die but he did so that we could inherit eternal life if we believe in him. God does not like to see sinners die. Instead, he is pleased to see them turn from their sins and inherit eternal life (Ezekiel 18:23).

Always remember that you are only one breath or heartbeat away from eternity either in heaven or hell and the lake of fire thereafter. No one knows the day or time of his death. That is why it is very important that you should get right with God right away. Today is the day of salvation and the time of salvation is right now. Tomorrow might be too late. It is up to you to decide where you will spend your eternity. No one else can make that decision for you.

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