What Happens When Christians Pray

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One of the most powerful weapons that is available to Christians is prayers in the name of Jesus. Prayers are a supernatural channel through which Christians communicate with God by faith and also receive answers to their prayers. That is why Jesus told his followers to always pray without ceasing and to pray on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. The following story demonstrates the power of prayers.

A small South Korean church known as the Lord’s Church held an all-night prayer vigil continuously for 30 days in January 2005. The prayers led to a revival and an encounter with the supernatural world. The 10 people involved had their spiritual eyes opened and they saw visions and experienced healings, spiritual warfare and also had encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus also took some of them on visits to heaven and hell. The demons used every trick to stop them praying but to no avail.

There were 10 people who were involved in the 30 days prayer vigil. These were Pastor Yong-Doo Kim who was 45 years old, his wife Hyun-Ja, who was 43 years old, and their two children, Joseph Kim who was 16 years old and in the 8th grade, and his sister, Joo-Eun Kim, who was 14 years old and in the 6th grade.

There was also a 50-years old woman called Bong-Nyo Baek, her 27-years old son Haak-Sung Lee, her 24-years old daughter Yoo-Kyung Lee and her 5-years old granddaughter Meena. The other three were a 33 years old Deaconess Sung-Kyung Shin and her 8-years old grandson Jung-Min Oh. Sung-Kyung joined the prayer meeting on the 15th day.

The Lord’s Church believed in the power of praying in the spirit. The 10 people were, therefore, able to pray longer, more earnestly and much deeply than they would have been able to do if they had not been baptized with the Holy Spirit. Praying in the tongues helped them to be focused and to avoid the wanderings of the mind. The group was throughout attacked and tempted by demons which wanted to stop them praying. Their motto was, “Be revived through prayer.”

On the first day, they prayed until 7:30 am the next morning. Thereafter, the duration of their prayer services became longer and longer. On the third day, for example, the service started at 7:30 pm and ended at 8:00 am. On the fourth day, it started at 9:00 pm and ended at 10:00 am. After each prayer service ended, they would gather in a circle to hear the testimonies of what each had experienced.

Even the 5-year old Meena would pray in tongues with her arms raised high for 2-3 hours without getting tired or exhausted. The group also received divine gifts of prophesy, spiritual discernment, words of knowledge, words of wisdom and divine faith.

As they prayed, their spiritual battles intensified and their physical trials also increased. For example, on the first day, one of the tires of the pastor’s car was slashed. The next day, he found the front tire also slashed. On the following day, his car was towed away. The next day, someone smashed and broke his car’s rear brake lights. The day after that, someone scratched the side of his car with a sharp object. Although the pastor was very frustrated, he did not complain but he continued to pray and thank God.

As the prayer rally progressed, they did away with the established formalities and traditions and let the Holy Spirit lead them. They did away with worship, prayer, sermon and offerings formalities and relied on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer, sermon and other things. They were, therefore, free from pressure to finish anything at a given time frame. There was no time to feel tired or sleepy.

First Day
They began their prayer meetings on 2 January 2005. After the evening service that day, they had an all-night prayer meeting until morning. Nothing much supernatural happened on that first day.

Second Day
The group experienced the fiery presence of the Holy Spirit. It was as if they were on fire as they prayed. Although the prayer session ended at 7:00 am, they felt like they wanted to go on and on praying. Some members of the group had some supernatural encounters.

While Yoo-Kyung was praying, she suddenly saw a bright light and someone standing in the light. When she opened her eyes, she could see nothing but when she closed them she could see clearly into the supernatural world. She recognized the person in the light as Jesus who took her to heaven and showed her around. Jesus promised to take her on many more such visits to heaven.

Third Day
Not much happened in the supernatural on that day.

Fourth Day
While Yoo-Kyung was praying, she saw a demon with long hair that was wearing a white garment. It was dancing and speaking in a dreary voice. She was paralyzed with fear. She commanded the demon to flee in the name of Jesus but nothing happened. The demon told her it was there to hinder her prayers and to inflict her with a physical ailment. It was at that point that Pastor Kim intervened and commanded the demon to flee in the name of Jesus and it disappeared.

Fifth Day
While Haak-Sung was praying, Jesus appeared to him. Jesus told him he was going to take him to visit a place. Jesus took his hand and the next thing Haak-Sung knew was that they had arrived at their destination. The place was very dirty and it stank. He could hardly breathe due to the offensive smell in the place. Jesus informed him that they were in hell.

The place was unbearably hot. At first Haak-Sung could not see clearly but when Jesus touched his eyes, he could see clearly. The first thing he saw was an old lady wearing a white traditional Korean dress. She was sitting motionless with a look of despair and hopelessness on her face. She was Haak-Sung’s maternal grandmother who had died a few years earlier. She had raised him after his mother left home. She recognized him and warned him to make sure that he too did not end up in hell. Then a large snake appeared from nowhere and started coiling itself around her body.

Haak-Sung pleaded with Jesus to get his grandmother out of hell. His grandmother also begged Jesus to get her out of hell. Although Jesus did not say anything, it grieved his heart to see how much she was suffering. The snake squeezed her body tightly and her agonizing screams grew louder and louder. Jesus told him that in hell, people’s senses are more alive than when they were on earth.

Next, Jesus took Haak-Sung on a visit to heaven. Everything in heaven was the complete opposite of hell. There was a lot of joy and tranquility in heaven and he had no words to describe it. Later Jesus held his hand and he found himself back in the church.

Sixth Day
The pastor had been preaching for about 4 hours. None of the 8 members of his congregation blinked their eyes. Even the 5-year old Meena was intently listening to the sermon. Suddenly, Bong-Nyo saw Jesus appear with some angels. Jesus also had 9 sheep with him. Bong-Nyo realized the number of the sheep was equivalent to the number of people in the church.

Pastor Kim seemed to be on fire. He preached like never before. Jesus was beaming with joy as the pastor preached. One angel had a book and was recording the sermon. Other angels had golden bowls and they were collecting the pastor’s sermon. When one bowl was full, the next angel came with another bowl. The bowls were taken to heaven.

After the sermon, the members of the church continued to pray. The angels collected their prayers in golden bowls and took them to heaven one after the other. The angels were happy because the prayer warriors were keeping them busy.

Later, Jesus took Bong-Nyo on a visit to heaven. Jesus took her to see her house in heaven. She saw many angels constructing her house. When she looked, there was no house, only a foundation because she had been saved for only 2 months. She had not been faithful to the Lord in the past and that was why she had no house in heaven. But Jesus told her that if she continued being faithful to him, her house would be constructed.

Next, Jesus took her to see her pastor’s house. It was an enormous building with intense radiating light. It was a very beautiful house. Jesus also showed her the pastor’s treasure storehouse. The storehouse was guarded by many angels. There were many radiant colors emanating from the storehouse. The pastor’s treasures kept on increasing as more were brought by angels from the earth. When she asked why the pastor had such a huge house and so much treasure, Jesus told her it was because the pastor had been serving him faithfully for many years.

Seventh Day
Joo-Eun was praying in tongues when suddenly a demon appeared in front of her. The corners of its eyes were slightly torn and its right eye had an x shape on it. The demon was covered with scars. She commanded it to depart and it disappeared. As she continued praying, another demon with wings like a bat and sharp teeth appeared in front of her. She commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus and it left. Then another demon which looked exactly like the female character in the computer game StarCraft, appeared. This time, the demon did not leave no matter how much she shouted at it to leave. Scared, Joo-Eun rushed to the pastor’s side and when he took her hand and raised it up, the demon left.

Eighth Day
While Joo-Eun was praying in the spirit, a demon appeared in front of her. It had wings like a bat and two small horns on its head and eyes like a cat. It flew toward her with its mouth wide open. A sticky slime was oozing from its mouth. Joo-Eun commanded it to leave her in the name of Jesus and it disappeared. A little later, a blue-faced demon with small eyes approached her. She was scared and had goose bumps all over her body. But when she screamed at the demon to leave her, it did not budge. Bong-Nyo, who was sitting beside her, commanded the demon to leave and it disappeared.

When Joo-Eun resumed praying, she saw an enormous red dragon flying toward her. Its eyes were green and it had long, sharp horns protruding from its head. Smoke was also coming out of its nostrils. It lunged toward her but she did not budge. She just continued praying in the spirit and the demon disappeared. It was a most gratifying feeling. She was now experiencing the power and magnitude of Jesus’ name like never before.

Ninth Day
As Haak-Sung was praying, a demon that looked like a red dragon appeared. Its enormous size scared him. It had green eyes and black smoke spewed out from its nostrils. It had very sharp teeth that looked like horns, sharp claws and a very long tail. Haak-Sung continued praying fervently and it vanished. Later, a female demon appeared with teeth like a wolf. He also heard the sound of an army marching behind him. Soon, there were dark shadows that surrounded him. He was very scared and he cried out to Jesus for help. Jesus appeared in a brilliant light and the demons vanished.

Later, Jesus took him to heaven for a visit. He saw many angels and saints very busy in heaven. He told Jesus he wanted to see his house in heaven. Jesus handed him over to two angels who showed him his house. His house was not big. Its walls were made of golden bricks. There was also an enormous flower garden that was full of various flowers. As he smelled the sweet aroma of the flowers, he was filled with joy and jumped up and down like a child.

Jesus also took Bong-Nyo on a visit to hell where she saw her father and her younger brother. Her brother had committed suicide by drinking poison. When they saw her, they recognized her and pleaded with her to intercede with Jesus on their behalf to get them out of hell. Instead, they were thrown into a big pot filled with boiling liquid.

Bong-Nyo also saw her little sister’s mother-in-law in hell. Although she had been a deacon in her church, she never served God as she had many idols that she served instead. She earnestly begged Bong-Nyo to tell her daughter-in-law and her family, when she returned to earth, to believe in Jesus Christ so that they would go to heaven when they died. She pleaded with Jesus by claiming that she did not know there was a hell or how hot and horrible it was. She was also thrown into the pot filled with boiling liquid. Bong-Nyo was crying and so was Jesus himself.

After praying until 7:30 am, Yoo-Kyung went home and got in bed. No sooner had she got in bed than she felt there was someone in the room. When she opened her eyes, she saw nothing. But when she closed them, she saw “Jesus” sitting on her bed. A sudden fear came over her and she prayed fervently in the spirit. Suddenly, “Jesus” transformed himself into a demon with dark blue eyes. The demon rolled its eyes and with its hands raised, it tried to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Yoo-Kyung commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus and it instantly vanished.

Tenth Day
While Joo-Eun was praying, a red dragon suddenly appeared and leapt at her. It had menacing eyes like those of a crocodile and very thick and sharp claws. Disgusting and repulsive smoke emitted from its nostrils. When she commanded it to leave, it went to Haak-Sung who was startled but prayed more intensely. When he commanded it to leave, it transformed itself into a black dragon and went back to Joo-Eun. It tried to stop her praying but all in vain. She finally commanded it to leave her alone and it left.

Soon another demon appeared before Joo-Eun. She recognized it as a female demon that appeared in many Korean horror movies and on TV. Its hair was tangled and unkempt. Blood was dripping down its mouth. It made a hideous giggle. But she commanded it to leave and it did.

As Bong-Nyo was praying, Jesus appeared and took her to heaven. He revealed to her that many churches and pastors were worshiping him in vain. They followed traditions and the works of men. Many of their services were short and void of any gospel truth. People were more concerned with when the services would be over so that they could go and do their own businesses. That was why they were in a hurry to finish as quickly as possible.

Most of the preachers also preached in the flesh instead of being led by the Holy Spirit. Moreover, some pastors did no treat their congregations with equal respect. The wealthy members were respected more than those without money. The pastors also did not spend enough time in prayers. Their sermons were not led by the Holy Spirit; they came from their own knowledge and flesh. They were eager to please their congregations rather than God. They worshiped their church buildings rather than God. The pastors were also very materialistic. Jesus wanted such pastors to repent otherwise they would end up in hell.

Eleventh Day
Jesus took Bong-Nyo to heaven again and she marveled at what she saw there. On her way back to earth, she was escorted by an angel. But on their way back, they were chased by a group of demons. One was a dragon, another was a snake, another had a frog’s head and another had a human head. The demons were very ugly and frightening. Although the angel flew very fast, the demons were just as fast. Then they saw other demons ahead of them blocking their way back to the church. The other demons were now behind them and ready to attack them. The angel cried out to Jesus for help and he appeared and rebuked the demons and they disappeared.

Twelfth Day
As Bong-Nyo was praying, she saw five angels flying toward her with friendly smiles. As she continued praying in the spirit, their wings vanished. As they moved, their bodies squirmed and twisted. She continued to pray and they fell on the floor. They now resembled some monsters she had seen in movies. Then she commanded them to leave in the name of Jesus and they left.

As she was casting the demons out, “Jesus” appeared to her and spoke to her. However, his voice sounded eerie and his behavior was bizarre. Whenever Jesus had appeared to her in the past, the atmosphere was always gentle, quiet and peaceful. But she was now agitated and fearful. She felt the hairs on her head rise up. She knew it was a demon masquerading as Jesus. She commanded it to leave and it vanished.

Thereafter, a very beautiful woman appeared before her. She was more beautiful than any woman Bong-Nyo had ever seen. She was slender with a beautiful figure and she was wearing a two-piece business suit. She walked like a model. She gently bowed, greeted Bong-Nyo and asked her for how long she had been attending the Lord’s Church. Bong-Nyo ignored her and continued praying.

The beautiful woman then turned into a very ugly demon. The demon would not leave in spite of her prayers. Suddenly, the demon transformed itself back into a very beautiful woman. Bong-Nyo continued praying and the woman changed into an ugly demon. She rebuked it and it left her alone and disappeared.

Later, Jesus took her to visit a place in hell known as the red light district. She saw a huge mountain covered with bodies. Their hands were bound and their bodies were covered with small white bugs. The people made no effort to remove the bugs. The bugs were penetrating their skins, nostrils, mouths and ears. The people turned into ugly figures and then into skeletons. They were in unbearable pain. Jesus informed her that those were men and women who had engaged in prostitution and adultery.

Thirteenth Day
While Joo-Eun was praying, she was transported to hell. She saw many demons that were surrounding a large evil creature which was agitated and fretful. It screamed and paced in all directions; it appeared confused and restless. The demons were waiting for orders from the large creature. When a command was given, the demons flew away and appeared in her church. They attacked the congregation, including the five-year old Meena. But when she shouted in the spirit, the demon that was attacking her fell down. As the congregation continued to pray, the demons fell to the ground one after the other.

Then all the demons were ordered by their leader to attack Pastor Kim. But when they attacked him, they simply fell down injured and defeated. They were all frightened of what had happened. They could not touch the pastor. Thereafter, they avoided him and would not go near him. The pastor was not even aware of what had been happening around him. He was fervently praying in the spirit on his knees with his hands raised high. As he continued praying, the demons were thrown against the wall and broke into pieces. They all cried out in terror and fled.

Later that night, Joo-Eun was taken down to hell. She saw demons jabbing long, sharp spears into coffins. They cursed as they did so. Blood flowed out and loud, horrifying screams came from the coffins. The tops of the coffins were covered with canvass with large crosses on them. The coffins were lined up in an orderly fashion and they stretched endlessly. When she asked Jesus for an explanation, he told her the coffins were full of pastors who had not preached the true gospel. They had instead preached another gospel and by so doing, they had deceived and misled many people. They were now paying for their sins.

In another part of hell, she saw many people being tormented. They were in a large red-hot frying pan where they were screaming because of pain. When the hot liquid touched their bodies, their flesh would disintegrate and only their bones would remain. Then their flesh would grow back and the whole cycle would start all over again. Jesus informed her that those people were unfaithful to their spouses and they had committed adultery. They were now paying for their sins.

Jesus also showed her a different place in hell where there was a very large pit full of people who were being consumed by fire. The red-hot fire appeared as though it had a life of its own. People were running inside the pit screaming in agony because of the intense heat. Jesus explained that those were people who had rejected the gospel and had believed in false religions.

Fourteenth Day
On that day, Jesus took Haak-Sung on a tour of hell. He saw a large evil creature sitting on a chair. A large trapdoor was located on the floor in front of the creature. People were standing on top of the trapdoor. When the creature stomped its foot, the trapdoor would open and people would fall into boiling volcanic lava. They would burn and scream in pain. Jesus informed him that those people were fortune-tellers, their customers, sorcerers, Buddhist monks, backslidden Christians, witches and those who committed suicide.

Just then, Haak-Sung saw his uncle who had committed suicide. He was standing on top of the trapdoor. Haak-Sung begged Jesus to show mercy to his uncle. But Jesus told him it was too late and there was nothing he could do for him. The creature stomped its foot and the trapdoor opened and his uncle and other people fell down into the boiling lava. They all screamed in pain.

In another part of hell, Haak-Sung saw many people surrounded by large and small snakes. The large snakes coiled around their heads while the small snakes coiled around their bodies. The small snakes continuously bit them and they hollered out in pain. When Haak-Sung asked Jesus for an explanation, the Lord told him that although those people attended church and did some good things, they were never truly born-again.

In another part of hell, Haak-Sung saw a woman crying out very loudly. She was shouting that it was not fair for her to be in hell as she did not deserve that kind of punishment. She had committed suicide because life on earth was miserable and unbearable. She was now saying that the pain and suffering in hell were more unbearable than on earth. She complained that it was unfair for her to be in hell as no one had ever told her how horrible hell was. She kept repeating that over and over.

One of the demons laughed and told her that it had deceived her into committing suicide. It reminded her that even though she attended church, she never heard about heaven and hell. It outsmarted her and deceived her to kill herself and that was why she deserved to be in hell forever. The demon began to beat the woman mercilessly and her screams were deafening.

Jesus also took Bong-Nyo on a visit to hell. She saw a large beast, as large as a mountain, that resembled an alligator or a dragon. It was chewing and swallowing people. Then she saw her mother was the next in line to be eaten by the creature. Bong-Nyo cried but there was nothing Jesus could do about it.

She also saw her pastor’s father in hell. An evil creature was about to throw him into a large pot that had dark, rotten liquor boiling in it. When he saw her, he admitted that he deserved to be in hell because he had been an evil and wicked man. He begged her to go back and tell his son and other people to believe in Jesus because that was the only way for them to avoid ending up in hell.

Next Jesus and Bong-Nyo came to another section of hell where she saw a great multitude of people from many different ethnic groups. They were all crucified on wooden crosses. They were also wearing thorny stems of ivy around their necks. Their bodies were covered with big and small insects which were gnawing away at their flesh. They were in great agony and torment.

In answer to her question, Jesus told her that although those people claimed to be Christians and attended church, they were hypocrites and never really believed in Jesus Christ. They were also engaged in all sorts of sins and they refused to repent and ask God for forgiveness.

Fifteenth Day
While Joo-Eun was praying, she had a vision. She saw a man watching TV in his home. As he watched TV, a grotesque evil spirit came from the TV and entered his body. The man never realized what had happened to him. Then she saw an Internet café filled with people surfing the Internet or playing games. One man had been playing for hours and his eyes were red and bloodshot. Suddenly, an evil spirit in the form of a skeleton came from the computer screen and entered his body. Thereafter, he became even more addicted to the games. The people did not realize that demons were responsible for their addictions.

Sixteenth Day
On that day, Jesus revealed some things to Bong-Nyo concerning the church. Jesus was unhappy with many pastors for their lack of focus on the gospel message. Whenever they were faced with problems, they did not sincerely pray and seek God’s answers. They instead went looking for people with spiritual gifts to pray for them. He also told her that the pastors’ wife should assist their husbands and pray together and their prayers would be answered.

Seventeenth Day
Jesus took Bong-Nyo to heaven and showed her the houses of some of the members of her church. Pastor Kim’s house was 370 stories high while that of his wife was 280 stories high. Joseph’s house was 4 stories high while that of Joo-Eun was 12 stories high. Haak-Sung’s house was 10 stories high while that of Yoo-Kyung was 7 stories high.

When she asked Jesus why the houses of the pastor and his wife were so high, he told her that the pastor took good care of his congregation and prayed diligently for them. On the other hand, his wife prepared food for the congregation day and night and also fed and clothed the needy.

Eighteenth Day
That evening, the pastor told the congregation that if demons appeared, they should fight them as it was time to avenge themselves. As Haak-Sung was praying in the spirit, two demons appeared. One had a long peacock feather in its hand and it used the soft end to tickle their nostrils. Suddenly, Haak-Sung grabbed the feather from the demon and started stabbing the demons with the sharp end. The demons cried out in pain as a green fluid oozed from the wounds. When the demons could not bear it any longer, they ran away.

Jesus also took Bong-Nyo on a visit to hell where she saw her mother again. She saw a huge pit filled with people who were covered with maggots. It was hard to distinguish the people from the maggots. Her mother was just about to be thrown into the pit. She cried when she saw her mother and begged Jesus to let her mother out of hell. Jesus said nothing and demons cast her mother into the pit. She was eaten by the maggots and only bones remained. She cried out in pain which broke Bong-Nyo’s heart.

She also saw her brother in the pit and he was crying out in pain. He begged her to intercede for him and ask Jesus to get him out of that horrible place. When she asked Jesus, he said there was nothing he could do about it. Her brother’s body was transformed into a skeleton and even then, he continued to scream in pain.

Jesus and Bong-Nyo moved on to another place where she saw a huge terrifying instrument that looked like a straw cutter. A huge demon was using the instrument to cut people into pieces. There were many people standing in an endless line waiting to be cut into pieces. She could not stomach the scene and the terrifying screams of the people. The demons were enjoying themselves.

She recognized one of the people in the line as the father of her pastor. He told her how much he misses his son. When it was the turn of the pastor’s father to be cut into pieces, he pleaded with her to ask Jesus to save him from going through that painful ordeal of being sliced into pieces. But Jesus told her it was too late and there was nothing he could do for him. Then the demons chopped him into pieces. In spite of being chopped into pieces, people would not die.

After the people’s bodies were sliced into small pieces, they were thrown into a very big frying pan filled with boiling oil. Sounds of people screaming with unbearable agony came from the pot. The demons enjoyed themselves and laughed as they used the large handle on the frying pan to flip the body parts. They ran about excitedly and the atmosphere felt like a party. Every now and then, the demons would remove the lid and use a big spoon to stir the body parts just like what people do when they are cooking. They would then put the lid back in its place.

Nineteenth Day
As Joo-Eun was praying, two angels appeared before her. They dressed her in a white shining garment which had wings on its back. She and the angels began to fly towards heaven. But she never got there. She came to a place and found she could not fly any more. The angels informed her she could not fly all the way to heaven because she had not prayed enough. She was disappointed but had no choice but to return to the church and pray even more hoping that next time she would be able to fly all the way to heaven.

While Bong-Nyo was praying, Jesus appeared and took her on another visit to hell. She saw an enormous tall and wide pillar and countless naked people tied to it. There were white bugs that were eating their flesh. The people were screaming in pain and their screams were heart-rendering. When the bugs had eaten all their flesh, the flesh would grow back again and the process would be repeated. It was a horrible ordeal to witness. Jesus informed her that those people were hypocrites who pretended to be Christians but they were not.

Twentieth Day
While Joo-Eun was praying, she had a vision. She saw about 30 demons sitting in a circle having a meeting. They were discussing how they could stop that prayer meeting at the Lord’s Church. Later, the demons went on the offensive. Joo-Eun prayed to the Lord to give her an ax. Immediately, there was an ax in her hand. She attacked the leader of the demons and cut it to pieces. The other demons ran away.

Jesus also took Yoo-Kyung to hell where she saw her grandmother being tormented. She was being fried in a large metal pot. Inside the pot was also a man. They were both jumping up and down and crying. When her grandmother saw her, she begged her to ask Jesus to get her out of hell as she could not bear it any longer. Yoo-Kyung was sobbing and her heart was breaking with sorrow and compassion for her grandmother. But there was nothing Jesus could do for her and they walked away.

Twenty-First Day
Jesus took Bong-Nyo on another visit to hell where she saw people screaming for help in a fiery boiling pot. The fire was intense and she was terribly frightened by the scene. It was shocking. She witnessed Pastor Kim’s father being chopped up with a big straw cutter like a radish.

Then she saw her father who began sobbing when he saw her. The demon began slicing him into pieces and he cried out in heart-rendering pain. Her father’s painful cries and endless agonizing screams made her feel faint.

Jesus and Bong-Nyo moved on and came to a tree where she saw her mother, brother, brother-in-law and nephew. They were naked and hanging on a tree upside down. The tree was squirming like a white snake and was moving about. Beside it was standing a huge demon which was beating them and inflicting a lot of suffering on them. Then uncountable fiery insects with sharp teeth attacked them and started feasting on their flesh. Their cries were agonizing. They cried out to her for help but she was powerless to do anything to help them. She begged and pleaded with Jesus to help them but he told her it was too late for him to do anything for them.

Next, she saw a former president of South Korea being tormented in hell. Many snakes were coiling tightly around his body and he was coughing and suffocating. When he saw her, he told her that he enjoyed a lot of power and prestige as president of Korea. Many pastors had pleaded with him to believe in Jesus but he had refused. He wanted Bong-Nyo to go back and tell his children about Jesus so that they would go to heaven instead of hell.

Thereafter, Bong-Nyo pleaded with Jesus to let her see her mother once again. She saw her mother in another fiery pit and she was jumping all over the place trying to avoid the heat. When she saw her daughter, she began weeping and asked her to sing a song for her. She tried to sing but she could not. She instead sobbed uncontrollably. She was distressed to realize that there would never be a second chance for her mother because once in hell, it was forever.

Twenty-Second Day
On that day, Jesus appeared to Bong-Nyo and told her he was going to test her faith to see how much it had grown. Thereafter, she felt she was sinking into a quagmire. Suddenly, she found herself locked up in a dark cell in hell where she could see nothing. She was attacked by demons which began to torment her. When she opened her mouth to pray, curses instead spewed from her mouth. But her curses did not stop the demons tormenting her.

She cried out to Jesus for help but he was nowhere to be seen. She suddenly found herself flying through the air towards heaven. But she could see many demons chasing her. Jesus and his angels were nowhere to help her. The demons tried to stop her from flying to heaven. She prayed very hard in the spirit and was finally able to break through and continue on her journey to heaven. When she got there, Jesus commended her for a job well-done.

Twenty-Third Day
Jesus appeared to Pastor Kim and told him there was moral slackness in many churches and many pastors were involved in immorality. Jesus told him that many Christians who were already in hell had committed adultery. Many others were also on their way to hell because they were committing adultery.

To make matters worse, many people were deluded in thinking that if they kept on committing adultery and also continued confessing their sins, they were forgiven. Such people were only deceiving themselves since their repentance was not sincere and their sins were not forgiven. Such people would end up in hell. But a person who committed a sin and sincerely repented and did not commit that sin again was forgiven.

Pastor Kim pleaded with Jesus on behalf of pastors who fall into sin. But Jesus reproved him and told him that most of the pastors who commit adultery do it deliberately since they know what the Bible says about sin. Pastor Kim continued to plead with the Lord by telling him that many of the pastors have, in spite of their sins, led many people to Christ. Others have spent all their lives serving the Lord. It would, therefore, not be fair to send them to hell.

Jesus told him that those pastors who sincerely repent after committing adultery are forgiven. But if they go back and continue committing the same sin, there is no hope for them because that is mocking God and trampling God’s grace under their feet.

The Lord showed Pastor Kim a vision of a pastor who was committing adultery with a member of his church. When the pastor’s wife found out what was happening, she was shocked. She asked him to stop it and ask God for forgiveness but he would not listen to her. She became very depressed and committed suicide and was now in hell being tormented. Jesus told Pastor Kim he grieves to see that woman in hell. Her husband’s repentance was not sincere and he continued to live a life of delusion and self-deception. Would it be fair for his wife to be in hell while he escapes hell simply because he is a pastor?

Jesus also took Bong-Nyo to hell where she saw many people who had been crucified and others lined up and being crucified. Among them was her mother. When one of the demons saw Bong-Nyo, it told her that it would stop tormenting her mother if she stopped believing in Jesus and going to church. When she refused, she watched as the demons crucified her mother and then proceeded to slice her flesh and throw it into a boiling pot. Bong-Nyo could not bear to see what was happening to her mother and she cried uncontrollably. But there was nothing she or Jesus could do about it.

Twenty-Fourth Day
Haak-Sung had a vision and saw angels placing protective screens of fire around the people in the church. He also saw a demon stab one of the angels with a knife but the knife instantly melted away and its hand caught fire. Next, he saw another demon approach him and when it touched the protective screen, it caught fire and was engulfed in flames. It screamed in pain as it ran away. Demons kept on trying to attack the people in the church but each time they touched the protective screens around them, they would catch fire and flee away screaming in pain.

Twenty-Fifth Day
On this day, Jesus once again took Bong-Nyo on a visit to hell. This time, she did not see the members of her family being tormented but she saw other people going through various forms of torment. She also saw Satan himself in hell. Later, Jesus took her on a visit to heaven and the contrast between hell and heaven was like day and night. Thereafter, angels escorted her back to her church on earth.

Twenty-Sixth Day
Jesus appeared and took Haak-Sung on a visit to heaven. The Lord gave him some fruits that looked like grapes. He ate them and they tasted delicious. They did not taste like any fruit he had eaten on earth. When he got back to the church and continued praying, he had a vision of Jesus being crucified. The vision was so real and unlike anything the movies could produce. The pain and suffering that Jesus went through was unbearable and he cried a lot.

Twenty-Seventh Day
On this day, Jesus took Joo-Eun and Haak-Sung on a visit to hell. They saw, among other things, Satan there presiding over the torture of the people in hell.

Twenty-Eighth Day
Members of the Lord’s Church were attacked by demons. Bong-Nyo was attacked by demons which entered her body. The pastor’s wife could not move her legs as she was paralyzed. His son, Joseph, began to experience a severe migraine headache. His daughter, Joo-Eun, broke her arm. Yoo-Kyung and Haak-Sung were also attacked and fell on the floor.

Whenever the pastor cast out the demons from one person, they would attack another member of the church. The pastor cried out to the Lord for help and the Lord sent angels who fought and overcame the evil spirits.

Twenty-Ninth Day
Haak-Sung had a vision of Jesus suffering on the cross. Jesus also took Yoo-Kyung to heaven where she ate some heavenly fruits. Jesus also took Bong-Nyo to hell where she encountered Satan for the third time.

Thirtieth Day
This was the last day of their 30 days of prayer and they experienced many of the things they had experienced in the last 29 days. Some of the members of the church did not want the prayer vigil to end but the pastor had no choice but to bring it to a close.

The Lord’s Church was never the same again. The church grew and became one of the big churches in the area. Above all, the church became a praying church. The church is always packed with prayer warriors every day, 24/7 from 9:30 PM until 5:00 AM. Every night, they engage in intercessory prayers, worship, spiritual dance, singing, impartation of anointing fire and much prayer.

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